Rad Power's New e-bike And Trailer Set Could Pique The Interest Of Customers

Mar, 2023 - by CMI

The RadRunner 3 Plus electronic-bike and Rad Trailer system that is new with attachable components were just introduced by Rad Power.

With the new e-bike and trailer, one could transport grocery, a companion, a pet, and all of those things.

The e-bikes could be considered a car alternative, and now they may have the ultimate car alternative kit. The RadRunner 3 Plus and the Rad Trailer system for hauling cargo were just introduced by Company.

E-bike The RadRunner 3 Plus is completely programmable. One can replace the back rack with a seat or a cargo system, the latter of which allows for carrying a passenger. A brand-new lockable centre console is one of the many additional accessories that are available, along with baskets, drink containers, and a place to store your valuables.

The optional secondary battery solution that Rad Power is designing would be a first for the company. In the future, consumers might be able to increase its range by adding an additional battery behind the back rack.

But the company's newest product is the Rad Trailer. This all-purpose trailer system works with the new RadRunner 3 Plus as well as other Rad Power bikes. Simply said, the trailer itself serves as a flatbed for hauling needs. Other attachments that may be mounted to this flatbed include the Puppy Insert (which is shown in the image at the top of the article) and the Cargo Bin, which can be used to transport a variety of products.

If someone buys the new Rad Runner with a basket and connects the Rad Trailer with the Pet Insert, they may be able to transport oneself, a friend, a pet, and their groceries on one electric bicycle.

At $2,499 (CA $2,999/£2,199/€2,499), the RadRunner 3 Plus is now readily accessible. The Rad Trailer, a US-only exclusive, is only now available for pre-order and will cost $299, while the Pet Insert would cost $229.