Research Claims That Lifespan Of Honey Bees Reduced To 50% In Last 50 Years

Dec, 2022 - by CMI

A recent study found that in last 50 years lifespan of honey bees is decreased to half because of pesticides, environmental stress and increasing pollution.

There are many instances where man is seen harming nature by direct or indirect means. Ranging from global warming to diminishing fuel extracts there are lot of subjects which will make human being to pay for its consequences in upcoming decades. In some cases animals and birds have to pay for the deeds of man. A recent observation has found out that life span of honey bees is reduced to half in last 50 years. Scientists believe that use of pesticides on plants, increasing pollution and environmental stress can be responsible for this.

Honey bees are responsible for pollination in plants. Previous studies have proved that presence of honey bees can double the yield of a field thus making a profitable deal for farmers. Honey bee farming or apiculture is a supplementary occupation done by many farmers around the world. A colony of bees gets aged and dies after a certain period of time. Many beekeepers have complained about the loss caused due to the reduction in life span of bees.

As beekeeping is a profitable business it is adopted in almost every region. But generally beekeeping is into suitable to the regions where there is ample amount of rain for more than 3 to 4 months. As in this period when there are showers going on outside honey bees are not able to leave their homes and fly outside to collect food. So scientist have advised that beekeeping in such regions must be avoided in order to restrain the financial loss. Also scientists suggest that use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals on plants must be limited so that it won’t harm the bees.