Research explains why plant based diet is beneficial in reducing weight

Nov, 2022 - by CMI

Research has proved that plant based diet is useful in reducing advanced glycation end-products by 79% thus aiding weight loss.

Weight loss is a slow going process which needs lots of hard work. Many people who desire to reduce their weight often interpret that as soon as they start working out they will start the process of weight loss. Though rigorous and planned workout is important to weight loss the actual key to it is a regulated diet. Many people often do the mistake of stressing more on physical activity and cheat on their diet by consuming non-healthy foods. When it comes to planning a diet to reduce weight, there are many theories on what actually works.

A research on co-relation between diet and weightloss was conducted by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The findings which were published in a journal named Obesity Science and Practice stated that introducing a plat based diet helps in decreasing inflammatory dietary advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) by 79% which was a significant decrease when compared to meat based diet which was just 15%. The researchers also claimed that the decrease in AGEs was not only associated with reducing fat in body but also increased insulin sensitivity thus minimizing the risk of diabetes.

AGEs are formed by the combination of protein or fats with glucose. This process results in oxidative stress and causes inflammation and can cause chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart related problems.

At the start of this study body composition and insulin sensitivity was accessed of the participants. On the basis of dietary intake records provided by the participants AGEs were calculated. Body weight of thee group eating plant based diet decreased by 6.4 kg while those having meat based diet has just 0.5 kg of weight loss.