Researchers Develops a Novel Breast Cancer Drug Proven to Be Non-toxic and Effective in Phase 1 Human Trials

Dec, 2020 - by CMI

According to a new research study, researchers of University of Illinois Chicago have reported to develop an innovative drug for breast cancer that inhibits further progression of disease. Moreover it is proven to be not toxic and effective according to phase 1 clinical trials. The drug is developed especially for women whose cancer has inhibited retorting to hormone therapy. Moreover, according to several sources it is evident that breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women in the U.S., and majority of the population that is around 80% are categorized as estrogen receptor-positive, or ER-positive.

Researchers also suggested that in the case of ER-positive breast cancer, estrogen fuels cancer growth. Most of the healthcare providers prescribe medication to inhibit hormone production in the body for the treatment, and this treatment is called hormone therapy. However, around 50% women opt hormone therapy and later become resistant towards this therapy, where traditional chemotherapy is the only treatment available with its various side effects.

Debra Tonetti, professor of pharmacology at the UIC College of Pharmacy stated, “While there are many treatments for breast cancer, about half of women with ER-positive cancers become resistant to hormone therapy, leaving them with few treatments other than chemotherapy, with its well-known toxic side effects”.

In this study researchers developed new drug TTC-352. Preclinical studies reported that TTC-352, a selective human estrogen receptor partial agonist, results in total tumor deterioration, and exhibit lower risk of uterine cancer development. Moreover, in the phase 1 clinical trial, 15 women with metastatic breast cancer and underwent several courses of hormone therapy and, in some cases, chemotherapy with CDK4/6 inhibitor, were taken into consideration and were provided with this novel drug. The researchers observed that there were no toxic side effects with the highest doses. Researchers concluded that phase 1 trial outcome indicates that TTC-352 is safe and could be alternative to chemotherapy without any side effects.