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Russia Rolls Out First Approved Drug for COVID-19

Sep, 2020

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Until now, there were no approved vaccines that could treat individuals suffering from the novel coronavirus.

The coronaviruses are spreading around the world from the past two decades. They cause respiratory tract infections that can range from mild to deadly. The recent one is novel coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic), which has made its way across the globe. Until now, more than 449,047 people have succumbed to the COVID-19 outbreak and the virus has infected more than 8,351,428 people across the globe. To date, the virus has made its way to around 188 countries and has developed many mutations during the rapid spread. This has been one of the worst pandemics to hit the world in recent history.

Moreover, scientists/researchers warn that cases and the death toll will continue in many parts of the world. However, on June 11, Russia rolled out the first approved COVID-19 drug named Avifavir to treat individuals suffering from the novel coronavirus. The Russian RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) head, Kirill Dmitriev confirmed that the first delivery of the Avifavir was made to some clinics and hospitals across the country. According to Dmitriev, the company will manufacture enough drugs to treat around 60,000 individuals a month.

Until now, there were no approved vaccines that may treat individuals suffering from the novel coronavirus. However, human trials of many current drugs have not yet shown effects against the virus. Avifavir is the first COVID-19 treatment that has been approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia. After clinical trials, the drug appeared on the list of government-approved drugs in May 2020. Avifavir was first developed in the late 1990s, which was later purchased by Fujifilm, a Japanese company as it switched to healthcare. Moreover, RDIF has funded trials and has a 50% share in the drug’s manufacturer ChemRar. Dmitriev also noted that more than 10 countries had requested for Avifavir supplies.

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