Samsung Has Promised That They Will Be Launching Faster Updates In Upcoming Year

Nov, 2022 - by CMI

In a post published in Korea, Samsung has boasted about how fast they are in making their software overlay One UI to most of their devices and has also promised to be better with it in coming year.

Mobile industry has seen golden days in this decade. The entry of smartphone and android operating system has boosted the market of smartphone. Android has not only provided the most compatible operating system for a smartphone but also made its operations quite easy for those who are new to this technology. The most important part regarding an operating system is its software update. An update is responsible to increase the security of a smartphone. It also fixes previous bugs and adds new features to phone.

Samsung, one of the leading smartphone making company has promised that it will be more faster in releasing new software updates next year. The Korean brand has made a good job by covering almost every model of its smartphone rather than providing update to only flagship models and leaving mid-range phones behind. But they are not stopping here and are working hard to do even better with the updates next year.

Samsung has published a self-admiring post in Korea in which it boasts how fast they have made One UI 5 available to as many devices as possible. In this post they have also assured to bring One UI versions with higher frequency and to more devices in upcoming year. One UI is a software overlay designed by Samsung specially for its devices. Samsung has also stated that Galaxy A52s 5G and Galaxy A32 are next to receive its One UI 5 with Android 13.