Samsung May Be Developing An AR Eyewear And Smart Ring For The Galaxy

Mar, 2023 - by CMI

Galaxy glasses and Galaxy Ring are two trademarks that Samsung registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service.

The ring is defined as a smart gadget to monitor sleep or health indicators.

The glasses are labelled as "headset for augmented reality experience."  "headphones," "headset for virtual reality experience," and "smart glasses,".

The business made its aspirations to develop extended reality gadgets public at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked presentation in early February. Samsung didn't reveal any information at the time, but a recently filed trademark suggests that its first item might be AR glasses. Additionally, a different trademark implies that a smart ring might connect those spectacles.

Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service and Korea's Patent and Samsung Galaxy appear to be two additional trademarks that Samsung claims to have registered at the trademark office during the controversy at Mobile World Congress 2023. (KIPRIS). According to Wearable, the objects of two of the trademarks are a product named the Galaxy Glasses and Galaxy Ring.

Samsung has made previous attempts to develop a smart ring. In 2015, the tech giant submitted a patent application for a smart ring that would enable users to control their phone and smart home devices.

The Galaxy Ring is a "smart device for assessing health factors and/or sleep inside the in the shape of a ring," according to a recently discovered trademark for the product. There's not a lot more to learn from the application besides that.

Very little information is available about the Galaxy Eyewear. It is, however, classified as a "smart glasses," "headset for vr experience," a "headset for augmented reality experience," a "headphone" a "smart phone".

Samsung might release these devices in 2023; the viewers will have to wait until then.