Samsung's free entertainment app will now have a podcast player

Apr, 2021 - by CMI


On its flagship devices, like Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy S10, Samsung has introduced a podcast player to its free entertainment app, formerly known as Samsung Daily.

Depending on the carrier and region, the application previously allowed consumers to access news, play games, watch videos, and do other things. Podcasts have now been added to the list. The section is called Samsung Podcasts, and customers can find it by going to the Listen tab after signing into their accounts for free. The Liberated Syndication podcast hosting channel also reported a collaboration with Samsung to introduce podcasts from Libsyn's 75,000 podcasters to the application. According to the listing on Samsung's United States website, the Samsung Free application will have the top podcasts across society & culture, news, comedy, true crime, and sports. The function was first reported by Engadget doesn't really match the quality of Pocket Casts and Google Podcasts, since it is not a separate applications like the ones mentioned. According to Slashgear, it is the first time Samsung has provided a pre-installed podcast application on a mobile device. To access the podcasts in the Samsung Free app, customers of Samsung's flagship devices will have to swipe right.

When users click on the new “Listen” tab, they will be greeted with a list of podcasts from broadcasters such as NPR and iHeartMedia. Liberated Syndication, based in the United States, also signed a collaboration with Samsung to finally drive podcasts to the Samsung Free applications in the United States. According to the podcast hosting network, Libsyn podcasters will be able to introduce their events to Samsung Free. It also claims that customers can have the permission to watch Libsyn's podcasters. The subscribers need to sign in to their Samsung account before they start watching the episodes or shows.