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Saturn's Rings Could Disappear Soon, Study Says

Jun, 2023

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From an astronomical point of view, a new study says that, Saturn's rings could disappear soon.

A reexamination of the data collected by NASA's Cassini mission from 2004 to 2017 has discovered new information about when the seven rings were shaped and how long they might endure. During the Grand Finale of Cassini, when the spacecraft concluded 22 orbits between Saturn and its rings, scientists witnessed that the rings lost a significant amount of mass each second. This means that the rings will exist for a maximum of a few hundred million years. In a statement, Paul Estrada, a research scientist at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California, and coauthor of the studies, said, "We have demonstrated that large rings like Saturn's do not last long."

One can conclude that the minor rings surrounding the other ice and gas giants in our solar system are remnants of Saturn's rings. If they continue to deteriorate, Saturn's rings may become narrow like Uranus's. Ice dominates Saturn's rings, with some rock dust. Asteroids and small meteoroids crashing with the rings create this dust. The study also confirms that Saturn's rings formed long after the planet's creation when the Earth's crust was still developing and the dinosaurs inhabited it.

Richard Durisen, emeritus professor of astronomy at Indiana University Bloomington and the study's primary author, said in a statement, "Our unavoidable conclusion is that Saturn's rings must be relatively young by astronomical standards, only a few hundred million years old." Looking at Saturn's satellites reveals additional indications that something significant occurred there within the last few hundred million years. If Saturn's rings are not as ancient as the planet, then something must have occurred to give them their awe-inspiring shape, which makes them a fascinating subject of study.

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