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Seaborg Plans of Rapid Mass-Production Of Compact Nuclear Reactors

Jun, 2021

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The company is successful in raising an eight-figure amount of Euros for initiating the construction of a captivating new nuclear reactor type.

Seaborg Technologies, a copenhagen-based startup is successful in raising an eight-figure amount of Euros for initiating the construction of a captivating new nuclear reactor type which is cheap, flexible, super-safe and portable. Sized equal to a shipping container, the Compact Molten Salt Reactors would be mass-manufactured rapidly in thousands, then placed onto floating barges, that are to be arrayed globally – on timelines smashing the energy industry paradigms.

Similar to other reactors of molten salt, which are around from the 1950s, these are designed for minimizing consequences of misfortunes, along with the pair of neat reflexive safety measures, which according to the company can greatly alter the safety equation at any nuclear power investment’s heart. Right now, the full-scale prototype is scheduled to begin functioning in 2025, at which time it will be likely sent for work off a Southeast Asian island. With some reasonably substantial investment raised, Seaborg hopes of achieving approval of regulatory type for the design till 2026, and serial production could commercial follow, early 2027.

Investors within the energy industry, who are accustomed to deal with phases of planning and construction that are extremely long, along with multi-decade return over investment periods, could now lay their capital into something which is online very rapidly and pays for itself in just 6-10 years. The reactor from Seaborg is tiny enough for fitting into shipping containers, making it extremely easy for moving around for even ground installations. It will function for over 12 years without the need of refueling. It's able to run upon recycled, refined, nuclear waste through the old reactors – although certain regulatory hurdles could be present there. Heat could be drawn straight through the reactor with even more efficiency than drawing of electricity, hence it'll be a lot in ways different than being just a power station.

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