Smart Watch Launched In India with Pregnancy Tracking

Apr, 2021 - by CMI


On the event of Woman’s Day, Garmin Lilly has launched a smart watch in India with pregnancy tracking.

The new watch has a 14mm thin strap that is ideal for small wrists. It has some new features for women, such as pregnancy monitoring and menstrual cycle tracking, as well as fitness modes including Pilates. It also includes LiveTrack, a new safety feature that allow family and friends to track the user's actions time to time. The new watch is said to have a five-day battery life and is available in two styles, the first of which is the Garmin Lily Classic, and the other is the Garmin Lily Sport. The Garmin Lily Classic costs around US$ 356 whereas The Garmin Lily Sport costs around US$ 287. The watches are available in online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. as well as in offline stores like Just in Time, Helio Watch Store and Shopper stop. The Garmin Classic has two color options such as Black and Light Gold whereas the Lily Sport come with 3 color options such as Deep orchid, white, Rose gold.  The features of the watch are blood oxygen saturation monitoring, health tracking such as pregnancy and also stress tracking. Some other features are workout modes, music control, treadmill, find my phone and stair stepping.

Users can record pregnancy-related symptoms, monitor baby activity, blood glucose levels, build personalized reminders, obtain exercise and diet tips, and more using the Garmin Connect app and compatible Garmin smartwatch1. Users can also track tension, understand the energy level of the body, and participate in a variety of sports activities. After pairing the watch with their smartphone, users can start receiving smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, social media updates, and warnings. Android users have the ability to respond to messages. The Assistance function notifies emergency contacts of the user’s current position in real time. Friends and family can monitor the user's behavior in real time with LiveTrack.