Smartwatch Range From Garmin is Going to Launch in 2022

Mar, 2022 - by CMI

Garmin is set to release its new models of smartwatches in the upcoming CES 2022.

The smartwatches developers, Garmin accidentally leaked their upcoming lineup of smartwatches. This lineup is set to be launched in CES 2022. This showcase consists of new versions of Garmin Epix Gen2, Venu 2 Plus, Instinct 2 series, and Fenix 7 series smartwatches. The new lineup has been leaked on a German website named Winfuture.

The website shared a post showing new models of Fenix 7, 7X, and 7S. All of these models are supposed to be developed by Garmin in the upcoming year. These models are developed by using stainless steel and reinforced plastic material. These models include a built-in feature of a solar panel for power. These models come up with a default geo-tracking feature. The post shows all models in the black color scheme. The Fenix 7S might contain a white color model. These models also consist of white and rose-gold frames.

The post also provides a glimpse of the Epix Gen2. The Epix series has been launched in 2015. The circle frame of this series has been a hit among the general population. Although the manufacturer is taking a different approach in the upcoming model by providing a square metal frame for the smartwatch. This model also contains a built-in GPS, oximeter, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker.

The Instinct 2 and 2S models are also featured in the post. These models have a hard exterior look, rather than the traditional classic look of the Instinct series. All of the models feature an e-ink display. This display promotes the idea of energy conservation of the device. While tracking steps, sleep, and heart rate, the device also monitors the energy consumed by the device. Most of these models consist of solar panels in their design, to provide emergency charging to the battery. Viewers can easily spot the models with their shape and size variations displayed in the post.

All of the upper mentioned products are expected to launch at CES 2022 expo. The audience is waiting to see the new models of their favorite smartwatches in the market soon.