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Social Interaction Plays Major Role in Mortality and Morbidity

Sep, 2020

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Self-isolation can increase the likelihood of people having more severe symptoms and becoming contagious.

A new study by the research team affiliated with several organizations across the United States shows that social interaction plays a major role in both mortality and morbidity. In this new research, the team has described their review, as well as what they have learned from it. The research was published in the Science journal. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic) is a great result of social isolation across the country or the continent. Many governments across the globe enforced social distancing or lockdown measures to curb the spread of the virus.

Millions of individuals have stopped leaving the house, stopped visiting friends, and stopped going to work. However, such isolation is important to curb the spread of the virus. The novel coronavirus has infected more than 5.4 million people, and killed over 344,000 individuals across the world. The research was conducted to determine what social isolation does to people. During this research, the research examined the impact of social isolation on humans and animals such as rock hyraxes, bighorn sheep, monkeys, wild horses, dolphins, and orcas. The team focused on the consequences of changes in the social environment and found that this caused many problems for both humans and animals.

Moreover, the team found that both humans and animals start showing signs of stress such as an increase in heart disease, tumor-like development, and an increase in inflammation. The team noted that social isolation may affect eating patterns and sleep. Self-isolation can increase the likelihood of people having more severe symptoms and becoming contagious. It is still unclear what kind of emotional or medical impact the current pandemic has on those who are not truly infected or socially isolated. However, researchers are looking to learn more about it, so that such problems can be overcome during the next pandemic.

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