Some Foods Projected as Nutritious, Are Not So Nutrient Dense

Mar, 2022 - by CMI

There are several foods people consider to be very nutritious, however, they don’t provide the adequate nutrients required by health.

It’s quite natural for people to consume packed foods labelled with quotes such as rich in protein, contains fiber, provide whole grains. Those labelled foods provide nutrients to some extent however do not contain so much and are just aimed to increase the marketing position and strategy. The fact is these foods lead to an unwanted health which easily makes people appear good, anyhow it should be taken care by avoiding or controlling those unhealthy foods. To consume healthy food one needs to be cautious while choosing them whether they are truly nutritious or just are advertised for the hype.

One main food that should be avoided is whole grain bread. People can be fooled while buying bread viewing the labels such as made with pure whole grains, multi grains etc. As bread is a staple breakfast for many they should look over the ingredients before they add it to the grocery bag. Those who make sandwiches feel that they are making those with the highly nutritious, 7 grain bread and the one that is gluten free, however it is clear that those are just made with a single refined flour. Consumption of those refined bread may prove to be very risky leading to many heart diseases. Yogurt proves to be very tasty and helpful as it is filled with proteins, probiotics and calcium. If not chosen wisely one can be cheated on yogurt containing added sugar. When one eats flavored yogurt such as vanilla, strawberry, and several fruits it means that they are consuming artificial sugar equivalent to three times of natural sugar. Veggie potato chips basically known as French fries are a main source of hydrogenated fat which appeals mouth instead of health. Avoiding ground chicken, protein cookies are also very essential for a better health.