SpaceX Completes Their 100 Space Missions

Mar, 2022 - by CMI

The space exploration company completes a century of a space missions in a short period.

On December 21st, the space company, SpaceX launches a cargo spacecraft named Dragon to the International Space Station. This event marks a milestone in the company’s achievements for the last two decades. The space mission lands in the rocket after the six-year voyage through space. The Falcon 9 probe launched from the Kennedy Space Center at 5:07 am. The estimates had predicted approximately 30% possibility for a suitable climate for the rocket launch. Although the climate was unfavorable for the launch, the company did perform the launch in a perfect time window.

The Dragon probe, which launched to space in June, is set to land with the space station on December 22nd, at 4:30 am. The probe had been carrying almost 6,614 pounds of load. This load consists of experimental materials and cargo, like biomaterials used for experimentations. The space missions, held in the vacuum compartment of the Dragon probe. This will be fitted on the exterior of the space station.

Falcon 9 booster initially landed on the drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. This landing event marks the 100th Falcon booster recovery. The spacecraft took almost 6 years to complete its mission. The spacecraft has been launched with a cluster of Orbcomm satellites. Such landings are been a routine for the SpaceX team, since the beginning of the Falcon 9 mission.

The director of Dragon mission at SpaceX, Sarah Walker stated the event as “One hundred is a big milestone.” Their team is hoping to find out the discoveries made by the spacecraft. The collected space samples will be delivered to the research teams across the globe. The company has been hoping to develop a potent maintenance method for the satellite. The launch of Falcon 9 was the final scheduled mission of the year for SpaceX.