Spider-web mechanism in vaccine production for covid-19

Jul, 2021 - by CMI


The synthetic silk biopolymer is light, biocompatible, non-toxic, and resistant to light and heat destruction.

The study of behavioural science where scientists study about different animals and there subsequent physiological, anatomical and metabolic behaviour, has been very helpful nowadays. Researches on this subject, has created quite a stir, with its application not only in the health science but also in the field of technology, preferably in Artificial intelligence (AI). Immunologists of McMaster University claims to discover a novel mechanism, quite similar to that of the spider web, in the matter of trapping as well as killing pathogenic organisms, like Influenza, and thereby can also be used in the treatment of Covid-19, caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2.

This spider trap mechanism is exhibited by neutrophil, one of the most important type of WBC (White Blood Cell) in the body. We all know about the utility of neutrophil in pathogen killing and also its involvement in phagocytosis process. Scientist of the McMaster University claims that neutrophil molecules, uncoated with antibodies, upon exposure to the pathogen of Covid-19, creates a sticky trap like structure by releasing the DNA along with different other chemokines.

This discovery hold much importance in the aspect of vaccine design and its formation. Although many vaccine are nowadays present, which truly remain to be not so much effective against the ever alternating function of Covid-19.

This study, holds importance for the nasal spray route of administration, which will have better susceptibility, as it is directly reaching the affected target organ that is the lungs. Other injectable ones are those which actually induce antibody response with the help of blood as it get mixed with the bloodstream.

Although researcher’s also claimed that these vaccine with an above underlying mechanism, can be hugely beneficial for the human body, with other side-effects because of its involvement of different chemokine molecules, which induce localized inflammatory effect.

Now it’s mainly important to find a balanced approach in term to therapeutics, as immune system by helping in controlling infection can also turn against the body if controlled improperly.