Spotify Announced to Stream All The Songs With Live Lyrics

Dec, 2021 - by CMI

Spotify has partnered with Musixmatch to provide real-time lyrics features to all kinds of users.

Today, music streaming service Spotify announced that the organization is going to provide live lyrics feature to all of their users, which includes free and premium users. The Italian music data platform, Musixmatch joined a partnership with Spotify for their real-time lyrics’ platform. This partnership gives Musixmatch access to collective data, over 9 million songs, and podcasts.

The feature of real-time lyrics was only available for limited songs and in a few countries. After this team-up, all songs will get live lyrics all over the world. This new update is available for all kinds of devices, which includes Android mobiles, iOS phones, and computers, and smart TVs. Spotify was going to remove its "Behind the Lyrics" option from its streaming platform. This feature provides users with some fascinating trivia about those songs.

Other music streaming platforms, like Amazon Music and Apple Music, do have the feature of lyrics, which makes Spotify late in the game. Hence, in comparison to YouTube Music and others, the competition is a bit more complicated than predicted.

YouTube Music provides lyrics of some songs, but they have a time-synchronization problem to face. Apple Music and Spotify have overcome that issue already but they are still behind YouTube, which has a much larger database of album covers, remixes, and classical music, also very much unreleased tracks. The average userbase prefers to utilize the google platform over other music streaming platforms.

Previously, Spotify was in partnership with Musixmatch, for providing users with live lyrics. That partnership ended in 2016. The live lyrics feature does attract a lot of attention in Japanese and East Asian regions. Although the American market is still being skeptical about this new update.