Study Provides an Overview of PPE and N95 Mask

Aug, 2020 - by CMI

An Israeli company, Sonovia has developed a reusable anti-viral mask to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19 pandemic), the use of face masks to curb the spread of the virus has become ubiquitous across the globe. The world has been fighting a global pandemic for the past six months. The novel coronavirus has made its way to almost every corner of the world and has infected millions of individuals across the globe. However, there is a high demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), N95 masks, and surgical masks to curb the spread of the virus. N95 masks are quite effective in preventing the spread of the virus, intended to be used only in a short period.

Moreover, the global pandemic has forced several governments to force their national constituencies to wear face masks when they get out of the house. The research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal offers an overview of PPE in health care settings, including evidence on the efficacy of N95 masks. The authors examine the use of N95 masks in comparison to medical masks in inhibiting viral respiratory infections. Moreover, the research offers some promising ways to manage the limited supply of other PPEs and N95 masks.

The researchers hope this will help health organizations make decisions about the safety of patients and health workers while managing limited resources. Moreover, the World Health Organization has also recommended the use of PPE in health care and community settings. PPE includes aprons, gowns, a face shield or goggles, gloves, and medical masks. The use of PPE kit is intended for those involved in managing and distributing PPE, as well as individuals and public health authorities involved in health care settings. Moreover, an Israeli company, Sonovia has developed a reusable anti-viral mask that can neutralize around 99% of the coronavirus even after being washed several times.