Subscribers can now get extra cloud storage from OnePlus Red Cable Life

Apr, 2021 - by CMI


OnePlus has confirmed an update to its Red Cable Club policies, including increased cloud storage space.

This Club is a group where participants can get additional privileges such as extended warranties, loud storage, and more on. Users can choose between 2 plans, OnePlus Red Cable Club Life and Care. Members, on the other hand, only can subscribe for the Club service. This new update was confirmed on the OnePlus site. Subscribers will have access to more cloud storage as a result of the upgrade. Both the plans initially provided 50GB but now will start offering up to 1TB on the Life plan and 120GB on the Care plan. The update has been available to all OnePlus mobile phone users since March 23, 2021. If this update is not available for some reason, OnePlus users should contact customer service so that they can guide them. The Club's Pro membership comprises both the plans, and the package cost for the Care plan is US$ 20.69 annually, and the package cost for the Life plan is US$ 27.59 annually.

In addition to the increased cloud storage, the Pro Life members will receive a year's worth of Amazon Prime subscription. To mark the 6th anniversary of the company the Red Cable Club was formed in December 2019. OnePlus Chief Executive Officer Pete Lau had the idea for opening the Red Cable Club after visiting India and seeing numerous persons are using OnePlus mobile phones. The red charging cable which has become synonymous with the brand was the differentiating moment that caused Lau realise that people were using his smartphones. The club provides advantages such as cloud storage and an extended one-year warranty for all mobile phones starting with the OnePlus 6T. OnePlus will also offer a 50% discount on new battery for the all the models. Subscribers with OnePlus 6 or higher will have to go to Settings and sign in to their OnePlus account to connect their devices in order to join the Red Cable Club.