Thanksgiving in US Leads to Rise in The Infection of COVID-19

Dec, 2021 - by CMI

US scales near about 93,000 cases in a single day, expanding the spreading of virus.

Fortified with the supportive vaccines and shots people in America have led their step towards a Thanksgiving holiday; which is believed to be the best family gathering spot. If people going to Thanksgiving are vaccinated, it boosts them and medical advisers even state that when the public is vaccinated up to a whole there’s no reason not to conduct the thanksgiving holiday. However, people are praying for the best and expecting the country to be completely normal as pre-pandemic, this holiday season. Health experts say that the coronavirus surge has again snuck up the whole country; the cases and hospitalizations are again in an increased zone. Holidays, have documented and evinced to be an agitator of COVID-19 spread across the country. In the previous year, Thanksgiving week elevated many diseases and recorded high mortality rate between the months of November and January.

Thanksgiving is always celebrated to remind people of optimism, whereas this surge of pandemic has continuously proved wrong. Disease experts say that people residing in colder regions of the country, and people experiencing winter ahead are on a high alert as the spread of this infectious disease is much more during winter winds. Doctors found a rapid growth of this inflammatory disease worldwide. Since, late October near about 32 states including U.S. is reporting severe cases. North or the mountain regions of U.S. have also reported 10% cases in each day, in last fortnight. Michigan is now very badly exposed towards the virus amongst all the other states, this state is now having highest count of diseases per day. Patients are lacking of bed and staffing and are being placed in hallways and conference rooms. The unvaccinated people are a major source for the spread of this disease in community, leading towards the risk at higher rate.