The Clubhouse Android App Will Be Available In a Couple of Months

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


According to CEO and co-founder Paul Davison, Clubhouse, the invitation-only audio-chat app, might launch on the Android operating systems.

The company made the announcement after numerous users of Android reported being affected with the Black Rock malware after installing malicious Clubhouse applications from the Google App Store. It has recently gained popularity, after the support of business leaders like Chief Executive Officer of Tesla.  As per the report of the TechCrunch, co-founder of Clubhouse, Paul Davison stated in a conference on March 2021, that the company is working to reach more people. Clubhouse also asserts to reduce the amount of advertisements showed to customers. In a post, on January 2021, Clubhouse stated that it is planning to work on Android version of its applications and decided to hire an Android web developer, even though there is still no news on the worldwide release until it is confirmed by the company. This application also seems to be affected with the Black Rock malware mostly by the several fake application of Clubhouse available on Google App store. There is new software named Trojan malware which generally hacks the smartphone or tablet and tries to steal critical information’s from over 450 applications, such as Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook.

In a conference meeting, Davison, the founder of Clubhouse, stated that the company has still not officially developed any desktop or android apps, and that if any customer do find them, they will probably be malicious software. He also stated that Clubhouse is working on more tools to assist creators on its site. The company is working on finding ways to assist creators in expanding their audience reach as well as monetizing the occasions they host on the only social media platforms. Telegram introduced a new app named Voice Chats 2.0, which lets customers to have voice chats with an unlimited number of participants and also record the record the conversation for reference purposes.