The full moon in September exhilarates astronomers worldwide

Sep, 2022 - by CMI

For the Harvest Moon, one photographer thought it was worthwhile to get up early.


This past weekend, the September full moon shone brightly in the night sky, delighting skywatchers everywhere.


Just a name, Harvest Moon. It resembles any other full moon name in several aspects. However, there are unique qualities associated with the timing of moonrise for these fall full moons. Around the time of the Harvest Moon, nature is especially kind to us, providing us with dusk-til-dawn moonlight for many consecutive evenings.


The full moon of September reached its height on Saturday, September 10, but it was visible to casual viewers the day before and the day following its lunar display. Since this full moon came closest to the September equinox on September 22, which would signal the beginning of the changing seasons on Earth, it was also known as the Harvest Moon of 2022.


Many civilizations celebrate the Harvest Moon with celebrations, according to a tweet from NASA officials. People who celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, for instance, exchange mooncakes. Amazing views of the Harvest Moon in 2022 were captured by Getty photographers all across the world, including in Tokyo, Japan, New York City, and Spain.


New York City-based photographer Nicholas Isabella got up extra early on Saturday to get a beautiful shot of the Harvest Moon. Andrew McCarthy, a seasoned astrophotographer from Florence, Arizona, agreed, despite the fact that he had to battle bad weather to see the moon.


McCarthy, who publishes on Instagram under the handle cosmic background, described the Harvest Moon's brief appearance as "the brief time before it was shrouded by clouds the remainder of the night" on Saturday. Because of how important this full moon is to me personally, I'm delighted I was able to photograph it despite yesterday night's torrential downpour.