The Lucid Air would be the first vehicle to provide Dolby Atmos audio to its passengers

Apr, 2021 - by CMI


Dolby Atmos technology has made its way into theatres, living rooms, handheld devices, and more since its debut in 2012. And now, in the upcoming Lucid Air electric sedan, the immersive 3D audio experience is finding its way into the automotive space.

The Lucid Air is finally being prepared for launch after over four years of construction, with four variants of model being available, with the 1,080-hp Dream Edition costing US$ 169,000. Lucid Motors has now revealed that the car would be the first in the world to use Dolby Atmos technology. The Air's 21-speaker Surreal Sound system, which includes front, back, side and height microphones, will feature the immersive audio technology.

"Being the first vehicle to implement Dolby Atmos, Lucid Air offers an enhanced, multi-dimensional sound environment on par with Lucid's other inventions," said Derek Jenkins of Lucid. "The post-luxury experience is not about just stunning architecture and cutting-edge technology; it's also about an unmatched in-car experience that stimulates all of the senses". The speakers have been placed so that individual sounds can be heard when the driver or passengers walk through the car, according to the company. Moreover, with the whole experience being optimized by Dolby using the Capitol Records Studio C recording studio as a reference point.

“Dolby Atmos Audio has been positively welcomed and regarded by the music world as one of the industry's greatest paradigm changes over the last 50 years,” said Tim Pryde, Director of Technology, and Dolby Laboratories. “As an organization, we are fully dedicated to introducing immersive audio to all forms of music enjoyment. Automotive is a natural extension of Dolby Atmos' amazing audio experience, and we're excited to bring it to the world with Lucid.”

Acoustic alerts and alarms can be developed to fire from the direction of an issue or concern, due to the promise of enveloping in-car listeners in top-notch surround-sound audio. A seatbelt alert that seems to come from the direction of a direction-specific blind-spot warnings, unbuckled belt, and even localized indicator sounds are all examples given.