Three Hypothermic Students In A Canyon Rescued By The Iphone 14 Emergency SOS

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

Students stranded at a canyon in Utah were rescued thanks to the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature on the iPhone 14.

Last week, the Emergency SOS via Satellite feature on the iPhone 14 rescued three canyoneers in Utah. The new Emergency SOS via Satellite app for the iPhone 14, which was published in September, enables users to send a distress signal through satellite. KUTV in Utah (via AppleInsider) conducted interviews with students to learn about their terrifying experience. Bridger Woods stated that the three of them had been canyoneering for a year when he mentioned that they had heard about a "pretty cool canyon" and wanted to check it out.

They discovered a canyon that was filled with water after the winter in Utah was wet. Before finally breaking free and proceeding further into the cave, Woods and another student, Jeremy Mumford, were held captive in the water for more than an hour. Another pool that was up to their chests in depth encircled them. Two of the pupils had hypothermia, and the canyon had no mobile service, but Stephen Watts had an iPhone 14. Mumford said a "satellite would line up" every 20 minutes, allowing them to text 911 by holding the phone up. Rope and carabiners helped the trio escape the deep pool while waiting for rescuers. Despite Woods' hypothermia, they couldn't escape the 10–15-foot hole. They found driftwood and started a fire to warm up while rescuers arrived.

Salt Lake City helicopters and Arizona paramedics saved all three students. The company advised KUTV to travel with a satellite phone for emergencies. Emergency SOS via Satellite has saved stranded Alaskans and victims of serious car accidents in the Angeles National Forest. SOS can activate Emergency Satellite in specified countries for iPhone 14 owners in emergencies without WiFi or cellular access. Apple hasn't revealed the feature's price after the two-year free trial.