Translocation of Dendritic Cells Can Create Creating Immune Response

May, 2021 - by CMI


Dendritic cells can move in the lymphatic vessels, which, are the joining region of the lymphatic capillaries and its migration is difficult of the Dendritic cells as the outer surface of the vessels are surrounded by thick connective tissue layer.

The immune system has got variety of sub-system both in cellular state and in liquid state that helps in the resistance to the entry several virus and pathogens. Out of these sub-systems the most common are the WBC (White Blood Cells) and Dendritic Cells that acts as a first line of barrier of the internal body. The WBC and the dendritic cells are the product of the Lymph Nodes that are transported through the lymph vessels in to the concerned area. Reaching close to the pathogens periphery they start their immune reactions.

Recently a research was conducted by a professor of pharmaceutical immunology at ETH Zurich, Cornelia Halin, in the context of the channelizing of these dendritic cells from the source cells to the lymphatic vessels, which transfers them into the action area. For a longer period of time it was assumed by the scientists that dendritic cells choose the path of lymphatic capillaries to get transported from one place to another with least resistance. Lymphatic capillaries offer a thin surface area that helps in the swift flow of the dendritic cells to the concerned area.

Although in both blood vascular system and the lymphatic system, the liquid component is the main driving force behind the flow of these different cells. On the contrary, in case of the lymphatic capillaries because of the lesser flow rate of the liquid components, the cells itself move in to the affected area, thereby the movement of these cells are very slow.

As lymph and its products pose much importance in the body immune system, this migration of the dendritic cells and under what condition this translocation can happen is yet to be known. So whatever any novel mechanism in involved or not for the activation of this immune responses is also yet to be known by the scientists.