Unlock Your Community’s Potential With OpenAI-Powered Discord Bot & Moderation Features

Mar, 2023 - by CMI

Discord is introducing several new AI tools in an attempt to "supercharge" discussions with your pals. 

The community platform's Clyde chatbot, which functions very similarly to ChatGPT, will now support OpenAI's GPT language model. Currently communicating with customers whenever they make mistakes or in response to "slash" instructions on the site, Clyde is Discord's default chatbot. It will soon be able to perform other tasks. 

When a user requests it, Clyde, for instance, may be called up within a dialogue thread and sent a GIF to hype up the server. Another illustration provided by Discord features a user asking Clyde if he can provide the user with five pieces of information about cats in addition to other features.

At least initially, there won't be any fees associated with utilizing the OpenAI capabilities in Discord. Next week, an alpha edition of the capability will be made available by the corporation to a select group of servers. 

Alongside including those functions in Clyde, Discord is also incorporating OpenAI's technology to enhance its current AI-powered moderation. On the platform, users could already use AI to control the material they saw. 

Sentropy, a firm that uses artificial intelligence to identify and report social media harassment, was purchased by the corporation in 2021. More than 45 million unsolicited communications have already been banned by Discord's technology, according to the company. The business claims that by using GPT, AI would be able to comprehend message context more effectively.

Avatar Remix, which would let users remix one another's avatars using generative AI, and an AI-powered collaborative whiteboard were two additional AI-powered capabilities that the business showed out. 

Also, Discord said that it will open an AI incubator to support programmers who wish to create features for the platform that are AI-enabled.