Unlocking Immunity: DCGI Approval Of Measles-Rubella Vaccine By Indian Immunologicals

Jun, 2023 - by CMI

Illumina, a biotechnology company, and GenoScreen, a genomics business, have unveiled a new package that combines Illumina products with the GenoScreen Deeplex Myc-TB assay, an NGS-based diagnostic for tuberculosis (TB). 

The state-owned Center for Research and Production of Vaccines and Biologicals, also known as Polyvac, Vietnam, and the Hyderabad-based IIL collaborated exclusively on the development of the MR vaccine. Following the contract, Polyvac will provide IIL with the measles component. To create a combination MR vaccination, IIL will generate rubella.

The Deeplex Myc-TB assay, a targeted NGS-based test, offers speedy and thorough detection of anti-TB medication resistance. The test, created and produced by GenoScreen since 2019, employs a culture-free methodology to identify more than 100 non-TB mycobacterial species in addition to TB mycobacteria. The test employs primary respiratory samples and has a 24- to 48-hour time window for predicting resistance to 15 medications. 

With the help of the Deeplex online application, which offers an automatic evaluation of the sequencing data, users may quickly analyze the findings and decide on the appropriate course of action. The new test was introduced as a result of a cooperation between the two businesses that was established last year to eradicate TB worldwide.

The alliance is expected to increase capacities for Africa as a whole as well as the TB-affected nations. "With our relationship, we will empower lower-income nations to face the prevalent problem of TB and move towards eliminating it," said Phil Febbo, chief medical officer of Illumina.

To ensure that the vaccination was immunogenic and safe for persons aged 9 months to 49 years, the vaccine underwent comprehensive human clinical studies. Measles is a highly contagious illness that can lead to death, brain damage, convulsions, pneumonia, and other serious, often permanent problems.

It is predicted that the collaboration will increase capacities for the TB-affected nations as well as for all of Africa. Phil Febbo, chief medical officer at Illumina, said: "With our collaboration, we will empower lower-income nations to tackle the ubiquitous problem of TB and strive towards eliminating it.