Virtual Reality Gloves Have Been Tested by Mark Zuckerberg

Dec, 2021 - by CMI


The first test of Haptic gloves has been conducted by the Meta owner himself to feel virtual objects.

Meta has created a lot of buzz in the offline reality and virtual reality worlds. The concept of the Metaverse is completely backed up by VR and AR technology. Reality Labs of Meta have been working on haptic gloves, which help the user to sense the objects inside the virtual world.

Meta CEO shared a video glimpse of himself, in which he is wearing newly developed touch-sensitive haptic gloves along with a VR headpiece. In the video, Zuckerberg is shown using the gloves to perform virtual tasks like rolling the dice, playing games such as chess and Jenga, giving another virtual person fist-bumps, and shaking hands. Viewers can easily spot the joy on his face while using this new generation of technology.

Another video has been posted on the official page of Meta, showing a working demonstration of haptic gloves. The video shows, an individual playing with a baseball in the digital world, also joining another individual for the games like thumb war and Jenga.

The hand movement of the user is been tracked down to regulate where the hands' position is in the virtual reality world and how these hands can handle or sense virtual objects. Haptic gloves possess multiple numbers of minuscule motors intended to carry a virtual impression of touch. These gloves can imitate physical sensations like feeling texture, applying pressure and simulating vibrations to recreate a sense of a particular object in the digital world. Along with imitating a play-action, the gloves can also lock the hand position in a certain way, which would be comfortable for a user to perform an activity like picking or holding an object in the digital world.

Nevertheless, Meta did not yet declare future layouts regarding the announcement of the gloves to all VR and AR users. The company also stated about this project, which began as a moonshot but has become more achievable over a period.