Walmart Invests in Voice and Text Commerce by Acquiring The Design Tool Startup Botmock

Nov, 2021 - by CMI


Walmart plans to deploy Botmock for conversational commerce, a growing area of focus in recent times.

Botmock was founded in 2016 at a time when conversational interactions were just getting started. There were few resources accessible for design teams at the moment. According to the business, most of its initial clients were actively working within platforms such as IBM Watson or DialogFlow which made it difficult for them to immediately validate their concepts. Non-developers, on the other hand, were creating discussion flows with tools such as LucidCharts and Visio. Botmock offered a better toolkit that would enable teams to prevent design blind spots and provide significantly better conversational experiences.

Botmock's solution provides a drag-and-drop editor for creating chats for chatbots. As people build their discussion flows, the software automatically builds the code in the meantime. It also aids in dealing with the project's inherent difficulties, such as platform-specific limits, while improving teamwork. Before its acquisition by Walmart, the Botmock system integrated with a company's existing tools, such as Atlassian Confluence, JIRA, Zapier, IBM Watson, DialogFlow, etc. Botmock interactions might then be exported to text-based or voice services such as SMS, Google Assistant, Slack, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, or Teams.

Around 50,000 users were using Botmock's products, according to the latest edition of the company's website. It also highlighted customers from many industries, including significant corporations such as Delta, ViaSat, Enbridge, Nationwide, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Oracle Accenture, Avanade, and many others.

The company claims that using Botmock, it will be able to create natural speech and chat interfaces for both its consumers and its employees — the latter via the internally used Ask Sam app, which can answer queries or direct store personnel to the location of a product. Previously, such experiences would require months to build and launch, but Botmock's technology will let them be deployed in days. As a result, the time to market will be shortened and expenses will be reduced.

Furthermore, according to Botmock's website, the team will be joining Walmart and working to move its current customers by assisting with data migration. According to the website, clients will have access to Botmock until December 20, 2021, and pro-rated refunds on memberships will be granted.