WhatsApp Creates a New Feature for Scheduling Messages

Jan, 2022 - by CMI

The messaging platform adds a feature for delivering the message at a particular time.

Another new feature in one of their subsidiaries, WhatsApp, is introduced. After introducing the feature of disappearing messages to the platform, the organization developed a new feature of scheduled messaging. This feature allows users to deliver a message at a scheduled time. This feature has been developed for the commercial users of the platform.

After the pandemic, the commercial user-base of the messaging platform took a hike. Since then, WhatsApp launched another platform for commercial usage, termed WhatsApp Business. This platform provides various new opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses digitally. Even though the commercial platform has been working well, some small-scale businesses still use the original messaging platform for their daily usage. Business users of WhatsApp already have the option of Utilizing Away Messages," which sets some default messages to be delivered on a regular basis. All of these commercial users and regular users have been greeted with the feature of scheduling a time for message delivery. Now users can compose a message earlier and set the delivery timing for that message. Later that day, the message can be delivered at its scheduled time to the recipient user.

Currently, WhatsApp has been getting help from some third-party applications on the Android system to utilize this feature. By using other downloaded applications for this feature, users can schedule a time for message delivery. iOS users do not have to download any third-party applications to utilize this feature since SIRI can schedule a delivery time for the messages. On the other hand, applications like SKEDit have to perform the scheduling part of this feature to help out regular Android users. The developing team has been working on some algorithms to utilize the auto-scheduling feature in the messaging platform.

After using this scheduling feature on WhatsApp, commercial users can deliver some important messages to their customers and other suppliers automatically. Also, regular users can use this feature to deliver some important messages on time, even if they are busy on that day.