WhatsApp is offering extra security features for WhatsApp Web to protect users’ personal data

Apr, 2021 - by CMI


WhatsApp adds another layer of security for the WhatsApp Web app and desktop application. Before users can connect their WhatsApp accounts to their devices, users will be asked to verify using their fingerprints or an Iris scanner.

This additional layer of security aims to prevent others from connecting to a WhatsApp account on a computer without users. WhatsApp claims that face and finger verification occurs on the user's mobile phone in a way that maintains privacy and that WhatsApp does not have access to biometric data stored on the handset operating system. WhatsApp has announced that it is adding an extra layer of security to its mobile system to prevent WhatsApp misuse on desktops. To connect the WhatsApp Web to a WhatsApp account, users will now have to use face recognition or finger on the phone. Once the step is done, users can open a QR code scanner from the phone that will help them complete the desktop connection process. This new update has the power to disable the device at any time.

The application claims that it does not store biometric data and that it - by default - cannot access that information from the phone's operating system. WhatsApp says a new security list will be launched in the coming weeks. A visual redesign of WhatsApp Web pages for mobile phones will be launched in the coming weeks. WhatsApp has been at the center of controversy over a privacy policy review where it forces users to agree to new terms or disable them if not approved. This has created a lot of noise among users, forcing people to move to various platforms such as Signal and Telegram. The company has already revoked its privacy policy update and set a new date.