WristMate Watches Bring a New Revolution in the Wrist Band Industry

Mar, 2021 - by CMI


The WristMate Company has launched a new product in the market which is one of the best budget watches available in the market.

The fitness industry has grown in the past year as people were confined to their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was increasing interest in fitness and health. The people have become more conscious about their health and there has been increasing need to measure their blood oxygen level and pulse rate regularly. In such cases, fitness wrist band are a handy device.

For a long period, the wrist band industry has been dominated by big companies whose products were available at a higher price than the actual value of the products. This was possible because there were very few sellers and large number of buyers in the market. Moreover, there was very less competition in the market.

WristMate has changed the entire scenario of the market as they have entered the market with a watch that is highly functional and affordable at the same time. The retail price of the watch is US$ 55. The watch is a combination of a fitness watch, digital watch, and a hands-free health monitor. The most prominent feature of this watch is that it allows the wearer to measure heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and heartbeats per minute all in real time. The other features of this watch are large color 1.3” display, step counter, sleep monitoring, calorie monitoring, alarm reminder, incoming calls and notifications, longer standby, sedentary warning, photo shutter, anti-loss feature, and water resistance. The watch can be synced with both android and apple devices.  The watch is light weight which lets the user wear it all day without any problem.