Yoga Can Help Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Jun, 2021 - by CMI


A study resolved that any breathing exercises or yoga have a positive impact on children with ADHD to focus more on their activities.

Yoga and breathing exercise have a positive impact on children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) as studied by the psychologists at Federal University. Children expand their attention, reduce hyperactivity as they do not get tired and can engage in complex activities longer.

The result of ADHD were published in the journal named Biological Psychiatry where it was observed that the effect of doing exercise help in decreasing some symptoms of ADHD. It was also observed that children’s ability to pay attention and improve their adaptive skills. The main things that makes yoga work is its emphasis on “mindfulness”. ADHD is one of the most complex medical condition and thus it helps to manage stress and also to build compassionate support.

A special breathing exercise were used by the head of the study named Sergey Kiselev, the head of the Laboratory of Brain and Neurocognitive Development of UrFu. The exercise is based on the growth of diaphragmatic regular deep breathing. This type of breathing exercise help the brain to function well and helps the oxygen to pass smoothly for the reticular formation to survive better and stress free When the formation receive enough oxygen the state of activity of the child will regulate better.

Some activity has an immediate impact and some has deferred impact. It is discovered that exercise has positive impact on regulation and control capacities in children with ADHD after the exercise end. Thus the children can breathe automatically while doing exercise which permit a superior inventory of oxygen to the brain that is emphatically affecting the conduct and mind of a children with ADHD.