Youtube Declares A Certification Program For Its Health-Care Channels

Nov, 2022 - by CMI

Youtube has taken a step forward and started the verification of health related channels on its platform, which will help viewer receive reliable information.

There are lot of informational videos available on Youtube ranging from how to repair a air conditioner to what are the different ways to reduce weight. People often rush to this platform whenever they get stuck with something. So Youtube bears the responsibility of providing the right information from the authorised or experienced professionals, especially about the sensitive sectors like healthcare.

Taking this on the next level Youtube has declared that it will certify channels from health professionals such as doctors, nurses and other health related information providers.  This will help the viewers to identify authentic content and reliable information from the health professionals. Youtube will also highlight such certified videos when the user is searching about a health related topic. This will help the user to gain accurate and correct information regarding the topic. This feature was earlier available with some selected sectors such as educational institutions and government entities. Now Youtube is expanding it to healthcare sector also.

From October 27th, creators from USA can apply online on for their certification. The eligibility criteria includes that the creator must have an active Youtube channel and he must provide his authorised license as a professional. Youtube will check the applied channels against the guidelines of the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, the National Academy of Medicine and the World Health Organisation. At the end the verified channels will receive a health source information panel and their videos will appear as certified.