Zipcharge Reveals Its Portable, More Durable Powerbanks, GoHub

Jul, 2022 - by CMI

The module of new ZipCharge GoHub is designed for hosting five or 10 Go EV powerbanks, and it can fit in a standard parking space at community space, business park, or shopping mall

The U.K.-based startup ZipCharge last year revealed the development of powerbank on wheels having the size of a suitcase designed to charge electric vehicles. Now the company introduced its new idea, which is a modular storage and charging hub named GoHub. However, production of these Go powerbank is not yet started. 

The company will be making the GoHub platform available in two variations that will be able to set up in a usual car-parking space at places such as shopping mall or at the center of a community. As reported by the company, the single sided unit would include five Go powerbanks to be hired by EV drivers whenever there is a need, somewhat similar to the battery-swap stations. A double-sided modules of GoHub will increase the availability of powerbank. To rent this powerbank, the driver will have to book it using a mobile app, the bay door of the hub is designed to be opened on approach in order for the Go powerbank to be detached from the charging dock and moved to wherever the electric car is park to charge it.

Each of the GoHub will include 4, 6 or 8-kWh battery, and when the powerbank will become exhausted, the driver will receive a notification through the app. After this the driver can unplug the unit and return it to the hub for recharging to be used again by the next customer. The company, ZipCharge revealed pricing structure of this GoHub system where every 4 kWh battery charge is will have cost of one dollar without any addition fees. The company is planning to deploy 100, 000 GoHubs all over the world by 2030.