1T-MONOS Market - Global Industry Insights, Trends, Outlook, and Opportunity Analysis, 2018-2026

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Majority of the requirements for technology featuring memory expansion cards that are utilized in consumer electronic devices and storage medium for the embedded systems are fulfilled by flash memories. According to Coherent Market Insights analysis, this technology has witnessed over 40% year-on-year growth over the last few years. However, owing to certain technological limitations that include flash memory’s finite life, incapability of the bit-by-bit data erasability and large power consumption, the utilization of the technology has been limited to particular environment conditions. However, utilization of 1T-MONOS (flash memory technology) in places where flash cannot be utilized, as proposed by the Renesas in February 2016, is expected to garner major traction over the forecast period.

Better reliability, performance and processing scalability is projected to provide strong growth prospects over the forecast period

One transistor metal oxide nitride oxide silicon (1T-MONOS) can be used to cater variety of purposes, specifically in automotive segments in conjunction with the CMOS and BiCDMOS, to optimize its power consumption and enhance program/erase (P/E) endurance. It is featured with operations at junction temperatures of 175°C with read/write endurance of over 100 million cycles. Moreover, as per Renesas results, 0.07mJ per 8 byte rewrite energy consumption was achieved on utilization of adaptable slope pulse control to weaken the electric fields and degrade memory cells. These features are anticipated to drive the global 1T-MONOS market over the coming years. Renesas Electronics Corporation introduced its 90 nm one-transistor MONOS in February 2016, is expected to lead the industry applications over the forecast period in the industry. Some of its key features include:

  • Memory architecture development with FN tunneling for high reliability and P/E operations
  • Low powered weakening electric fields during P/E operations through adaptable slope pulse control (ASPC) technology
  • Current consumption recorded at 98 µA i.e. 1 millionth of an ampere for rewriting memories
  • Architecture is anticipated to find significant addressable applications in environmental friendly automotive systems

Also, the company has introduced prototypes of128 KB flash memory incorporated with 90nm 1T-MONOS flash memory featuring these properties which is expected to start its mass production in 2019.

1T-MONOS Market Taxonomy

On the basis of potential applications, the global 1T-MONOS market is classified into:

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing and processing industries
  • Other

Increasing IoT applications and autonomous automotive will drive the industry growth through the forecast period

Utilization of connectivity and memory processing in almost every daily activity that includes agriculture, industry processes, and transportation among many other applications. This is expected to drive the incorporation of electronic processing and advanced computing technologies. Moreover, these application environment are featured with severe operating conditions that prohibit the usage of conventional flash memories. High durability featuring products are expected to find significant applications in conjunction with the growing IoT applications and drive the 1T MONOS market.

Automotive industry has witnessed huge demands for electronic data processing over the past few years. Number of advanced systems such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, electric/hybrid vehicles and emergency driving assistance among few others have necessitated the use of electronic control units (ECUs) and other components to mechanize the analog processes. This will present strong growth prospects over the next few years. Moreover, regulatory compulsions to adopt these systems in every vehicles across the globe to ensure passenger and driver safety, specifically in developed global counterparts that include Western Europe and U.S., will prioritize the adoption of these systems and drive the 1T-MONOS market.

Renesas and TSMC have initiated their strategic activities to capitalize on the opportunities of the future market. Other electronic industry participants are expected to adopt to similar product developments to garner increased applications over the forecast period, which will present considerable industry growth prospects.

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