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Fundus camera is a specialized device with low power microscope, with an attached camera used to observe the fundus part. Its optical design is based on the indirect ophthalmoscope. Fundus camera involves capturing photographs of the back of the eye, which is called as fundus. Fundus consists of 10 semi-transparent layers which serve specific function in the process of visual perception. The main structure that can be visualized on fundus camera are peripheral and central retina, optic disc and macula. Fundus camera are described by the angle view, firstly an angle of 30° is considered as normal angle of view, which creates a film image 2.5 times larger. Wide angle fundus camera capture images between 45°-140° though it provides proportionately less retinal magnification. There is also a narrow angle fundus camera which has angle view of 20° or less. Fundus camera are commonly used in area such as paired optic disk images, external photograph, fluorescein angiography, and fundus imaging.

Furthermore, fundus camera are used to diagnose various types of retinal disorders such as retinal detachment, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma. It evaluates irregularities in fundus, monitors the progression of disease management and therapeutic outcome. Fundus camera is crucial to create a starting point to better interpret the disease’s progression that can help in applying appropriate treatment. Fundus camera is also useful to check whether new disease is affecting the fundus to further plan the management options to treat the retina. Images captured by fundus camera helps to compare photograph of patient from different timelines. Whereas fundus camera is quick and simple technique to use as the device is user-friendly and easy for practitioners to understand.

Fundus camera market taxonomy

By product type

  • Mydriatic Fundus Cameras
    • Handheld
    • Tabletop
  • Non Retractable Fundus Cameras
    • Handheld
    • Tabletop
  • Hybrid Fundus Cameras
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Fundus Cameras

By End Users

  • Hospitals
  • Ophthalmology Clinics
  • Ophthalmic and Optometrist Offices

Diabetic eye disease fuels the growth of fundus camera market

Rise in number of diabetic eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, glaucoma and cataract, inadvertently favor growth of the fundus camera market. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease which leads to blindness. According to National Eye Institute, diabetic retinopathy is expected to nearly double from 7.7 million to 14.6 million during 2010-2050. Furthermore, increase in application of fundus camera to diagnose retinal disease at early stage has favored the demand for portable and high-performing fundus devices.

Regional growth engines of the fundus camera market

Growing awareness regarding the eye disorder and increased expenditure on healthcare by government are the key factor responsible factors for the growth in fundus camera market. Technological advancement and high incidence rate of diabetic retinopathy is also projected to favor the growth in fundus camera industry. Asia Pacific is expected to be the most important region that is expected to gain traction in terms of market revenue in coming year because of rise in medical tourism, availability of expert services and local presence of key player such as Canon, Inc. and Optomed Oy (Ltd.) for fundus camera market. However, according to W.H.O diabetes prevalence is been on the rise more rapidly in middle- and low-income countries. Furthermore, Hispanic Americans are expected to see the greatest increase in retinopathy cases, rising more than three-fold from 1.2 million to 5.3 million in 2010.

Major acquisitions to support growth of fundus camera market

Manufactures are focusing on offering advanced features to fundus camera at affordable prices to gain a competitive edge in the market. Key players operating in the fundus camera market include Kowa Company Ltd.; Canon, Inc, Optomed Oy (Ltd.); Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc.; Optovue Incorporated; NIDEK Co., Ltd.; Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.; CenterVue SpA;  and Clarity Medical Systems, Inc.

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