Books: The More the Merrier

Nov, 2020 - by CMI

Books: The More the Merrier

It is well said that books are a man’s best friend but they are more than just a companion. There are several benefits that books offer and leads an individual to self-development. It is important for an individual to understand them and add reading books to their daily schedule.

Apparently, reading books regularly creates cognitive engagement that further enhances knowledge, better communication, and also aids in reducing stress. Studies have also found that reading spiritual books can bring about immense sense of calm by lowering the blood pressure.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of reading books on a regular basis:

  1. Stress Reduction

An individual encounters a lot of stressful things and thoughts in his/her daily life either at work place or at home. It all goes away when they find themselves lost in a good story while reading. Fiction or a real life story, no matter what the theme of the book is, it will engage the reader in its world of words. A well written novel can calm an individual, transport them to other realms, and successfully distracts them from all prior stress. It is the best way to enjoy the present moment by forgetting all the hassles of lives.

  1. Mental Stimulation

Similar to other body parts, brain also require regular exercising and calmness for better functioning. It is the organ that never stops and it is vital to keep it healthy and strong. Book reading serves this purpose quite well by keeping the readers mentally stimulated.

Studies have proven that an individual who is mentally stimulated are at lower risk (or even can prevent) for Dementia and Alzheimer’s by keeping their brain active and engaged. Moreover, indulging in games such as chess and puzzles also aids in cognitive stimulation.

  1. Improves Memory

While reading a book a reader needs to remember a collection of characters associated with it. Since a book demands concentration, it takes more than just knowing a character. While reading, one needs to remember who that character is, its background story, and all the plots related to it. When a person is deeply interested in a book, all the information would automatically remain in their memory.

This is how a human brain functions when interested in a story. Since, one needs to remember the characters, the reader’s memory improves. A book is more like a memory test and exercise for the brain. One needs to remember previous chapters, which in turn improves memory.

 The Best way to Improve Knowledge

Books are well known for improving knowledge as well. Books are a vast source of knowledge. They contain tons of information and also entertain readers with unlimited facts. While reading, the reader comes across different scenarios and learn a lot of things such as different culture, language, and much more. Books on every topic or subject are widely available with a plethora of information.

Books can be considered as a friend that provides the best solutions and advices. There are influential books, motivational books, and books that provide solutions to different issues related to life. Moreover, a man when enriched with knowledge remains knowledgeable for life, as knowledge cannot be taken away.

  1. Expansion of Vocabulary

Everything goes hand in hand for a reader including improved knowledge and sharpened memory. Coming across hundreds of thousands of words daily improves vocabulary. Books are the best source of meeting these new words on a daily basis. The habit of book reading brings wonders and enriched vocabulary is one of them.

Expansion of vocabulary is linked with other benefits such as better communications skills, confidence, boosts self-esteem, and makes an individual a better presenter. With enriched communication skills and confidence come greater opportunities and greater opportunities lands an individual to a better place in life.

  1. Enhance Analytical Thinking Skills

Solving mysteries in a TV show or a movie might be difficult because of lesser time duration of concentration, but when it comes to solving a mystery in a book, a reader’s thinking skills are at the peak. They can evaluate how each and every character in the story thinks and react, and also can memorize every plot of the book when it comes to find the killer or anticipate the end of the book. If one is able to do so, he/she must understand that his/her analytical thinking skills are growing stronger. Books bring different perspectives to think and evaluate to a reader’s mind.

Reading books helps in analyzing every detail and it can even be enhanced if a reader discusses it with others. Observing is always a good habit that makes an individual attentive and sharpens mind. Better analytical skills also enhances observation skills.

  1. Improved Concentration

In today’s time, there is no shortage of distractions. Apart from convenience, the internet-crazed world offer a million ways to distract from work and responsibilities. An individual’s distraction from work is just a ping away. Books bring concentration and focus in a reader’s life. It calms the mind and brings patience to an individual.

Reading books help in curing lack of attention. It aids individual to stay more focused and concentrated and therefore help them to perform well at their jobs.

  1. Enriched Writing Skills

An enhanced and upgraded vocabulary not only boosts speaking skills but also writing skills. With better vocabulary, the writing skills of an individual are also enhanced. Enriched writing skills can be defined as writing than can make an impact on reader, which is fluent, adaptable and can connect a reader with itself. Regular book reading can bring such improvement in reader’s writing skills. A good vocabulary is the key ingredient for an effective writing.

Alike painting, sculpting, or music, writing is an art where an author paints a picture, sculpts the characters living in it by following a rhythm.

  1. Provides Tranquility

Books are the best companion that can relax mind, calm nerves, and bring about immense inner peace as well as tranquility.

It has been found through studies that books can easily calm a reader’s mind. Reading spiritual books can even help in lowering the blood pressure and relaxing the entire body. Self-help and influential books are the best cure to mood disorders and mild mental illness. There are books for every genre and every mood. Books also makes a person patient and peaceful. One must pick a book that fits in with his/her present mood.

  1. The Most Inexpensive Source of Entertainment

In spite of spending money on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and HBO Max, one can find the most inexpensive source of entertainment in their nearby library and dive into the world of books for countless time absolutely for free. 

Today, everyone has a small library in their bag or pocket. With the digitalization of the entire world, there is a plethora of e-books and PDFs available on the internet. Although, it is always more comfortable to read a practical book with the pleasant smell of pages, but desperate times require desperate measures. Moreover, it is always better to acquire more knowledge through the screen that is often used to socialize.

Since, there is always a way, books are always around, all an individual need to do is find a comfortable source.

Every person who loves to read have their own preferred genre, and for every genre there are hundreds of thousands of books available. Also, every mood has a genre of book. For instance, while feeling distracted from the motive of life, self-help books can always help. To find oneself in a soothing mood, romance novels are there. Talking about history, there is a plethora of books available. Every mood and every situation has a book, which can help the reader in various ways such as solving life-related problems or give themselves a break from their busy schedules. There is always a book out there ready to capture the reader’s imagination and curiosity.

There is no better companion than a book that can relax mind at any time.

Let’s take a while off from computer screens and dive into a good bundle of words, knowledge, and thoughts.