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The Plastic Toy Storage Market size is expected to reach US$ 7.72 billion by 2030, from US$ 4.53 billion in 2023, at a CAGR of 7.9% during the forecast period. Plastic toy storage refers to containers and organizers used to store toys made from plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene etc. They provide efficient and organized storage solutions for managing children's toys. The use of plastic toy storages offers benefits such as durability, portability, ease of cleaning, and attractive designs. The Plastic Toy Storage Market is segmented by product type, material, application, distribution channel and region. By product type, the market is segmented into plastic boxes, baskets, bins, chests and others. Plastic boxes account for the largest market share due to their stackable design and versatility.

Plastic Toy Storage Market Regional Insights

  • North America is expected to be the largest market for Plastic Toy Storage Market during the forecast period, accounting for over 35% of the market share in 2023. The growth of the market in North America is attributed to rising demand for premium storage solutions and established distribution channels.
  • The Asia Pacific market is expected to be the second-largest market for Plastic Toy Storage Market, accounting for over 25% of the market share in 2023. The growth of the market in is attributed to increasing residential construction and rise in dual-income households.
  • The Europe market is expected to be the fastest-growing market for Plastic Toy Storage Market, with a CAGR of over 16.5% during the forecast period. The growth of the market in Europe is attributed to high spending on children's nursery decoration and toys. 

Figure 1. Global Plastic Toy Storage Market Share (%), by Region, 2023 


Plastic Toy Storage Market Drivers

  • Rising Focus on Convenient and Organized Living Spaces: The growing focus on organized and clutter-free living spaces is a key factor driving demand for plastic toy storage products. With urbanization and space constraints, consumers are looking for efficient storage solutions. Plastic toy organizers with sorting compartments, wheels for portability allow for neat home interiors. Their modular designs can be customized as per available space. Consumers highly value convenience and this has led to increased adoption of purpose-built storage solutions.
  • Growth in Construction of Organized Retail Spaces: The expansion of organized retail such as hypermarkets, specialty toy stores is contributing to sales of plastic toy storage products. Retailers require durable and standardized storage solutions for inventory management and displaying toys efficiently. Colorful plastic organizers enhance the visual appeal of stores. Their portability also allows flexibility in store layouts.
  • Demand from Commercial Institutions: Schools, daycares, pre-schools, children’s hospitals are major institutional customers for plastic toy storage products. Storage organizers help keep classrooms and play areas clutter-free by separating toys into categorized bins. Lockable containers prevent access to small loose parts. Commercial buyers prefer lightweight and portable plastic organizers that can be moved conveniently as per changing requirements. The growth in pre-school and daycare enrolments globally is expected to support institutional demand.
  • Launch of Innovative Products: Manufacturers are focused on launching innovative products in designs, functionality and materials to gain market share. New product features like into toy bins & baskets allows easy access and visibility. Soft close hinges in storage chests prevent slamming. Wheeled carts and dollies offer effortless portability within homes. Use of new plastics like recycled PET and bioplastics cater to sustainability-focused buyers. Smart storage solutions with digital tracking of contents provide convenience and help drive adoption.

Plastic Toy Storage Market Opportunities

  • Rising Popularity of Multi-functional Furniture: The increasing consumer interest in multi-functional furniture that serves more than one purpose presents significant opportunity for growth. Plastic toy storage organizers with seat tops allow for additional seating space. Storage ottomans with lift tops provide hidden storage along with seating. The hybrid design of these products make them a useful addition in kid's rooms and living areas. Manufacturers can focus on innovating toy storage items that integrate secondary utility to expand their customer base.
  • Development of Customizable & Modular Solutions: Providing customization options in size, design, color and features is an opportunity for plastic toy storage brands to differentiate their offerings. Customers can select storage components as per room dimensions and layout. Modular boxes and bins allow for reconfiguration of storage units. This personalized approach caters to the needs of individual customers. Brands can implement online customization tools and flexible manufacturing capabilities to facilitate broad customization.
  • Growing Demand for Sustainable Materials: With growing environmental awareness, the use of sustainable materials such as recycled plastics and bioplastics for toy storage presents an impactful opportunity. Recycled PET made from waste plastic bottles is durable and eco-friendly. Plant-based bioplastics from sources like corn starch reduce dependency on oil. Bamboo is also gaining popularity as a green alternative with high strength. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for products made from such materials. This can help companies enhance their portfolio sustainability.
  • Emerging Markets in Developing Countries: Developing economies with high population base and improving living standards offer lucrative expansion possibilities. Markets with increasing dual-income households, nuclear families and disposable incomes have high potential. Localizing designs and pricing as per regional needs can help brands gain market share. Partnerships with regional retailers and distributors provide an established customer base. Investments in production facilities closer to emerging markets reduce logistics costs. This can bolster company growth and profitability.

Plastic Toy Storage Market Report Coverage

Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2022 Market Size in 2023: US$ 4.53 Bn
Historical Data for: 2018 to 2021 Forecast Period: 2023 - 2030
Forecast Period 2023 to 2030 CAGR: 7.9% 2030 Value Projection: US$ 7.72 Bn
Geographies covered:
  • North America: U.S. and Canada
  • Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America
  • Europe: Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific: China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, ASEAN, and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa:  GCC Countries, Israel,  South Africa, North Africa, and Central Africa and Rest of Middle East
Segments covered:
  • By Product Type: Boxes, Baskets, Chests, Crates, Others
  • By Material: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Others
  • By Application: Toys, Clothing, Sporting Goods, Seasonal Items
  • By Distribution Channel: Online, Offline
  • By End-user: Residential, Commercial, Institutional
Companies covered:

Sterilite Corporation, Rubbermaid, IKEA, KidKraft, Badger Basket, Tot Tutors, Costway, Sauder, Prepac, Honey-Can-Do, Creative Scents, Contico, South Shore Furniture, Seville Classics, Boori, Home Max, Three Posts, Langria, mDesign, Honey Can Do

Growth Drivers:
  • Rising focus on organized living spaces
  • Demand from commercial institutions
  • Launch of innovative products
  • Expansion of modern retail channels
Restraints & Challenges:
  • Volatility in plastic resin prices
  • Limitations due to regulations on plastics
  • Presence of unorganized players
  • Competition from alternative materials

Plastic Toy Storage Market Trends 

  • Advances in Plastic Materials and Processing: Technological advancements in plastic materials and production methods allow the development of innovative toy storage products. Engineering plastics like ABS, acrylic offer high impact strength ideal for kids' products. Plastic alloys blending polypropylene and polyethylene improve durability. Processes like rotational molding enable hollow and enclosed plastic designs not possible with injection molding. Brands can collaborate with polymer suppliers to access such material advancements and manufacture differentiated offerings.
  • Integration of Digital Technologies: Smart storage solutions integrated with digital technologies for inventory monitoring, location tracking are an emerging trend. Built-in weight sensors in bins identify contents. RFID tags track stored toys. Companion apps sync storage data to the cloud and provide real-time notifications. This allows remote oversight and control. Digital inventory optimization reduces clutter and makes toy access easier for kids. Such tech-enabled products improve customer convenience and drive preference.
  • Growing Traction of Plastic Rental Services: The plastic toy storage rental market is gradually gaining popularity, especially for short-term needs. Renting plastic organizers for occasions like children's parties, events avoids upfront purchase. Stackable storage carts are convenient for venues to store supplies, toys and materials securely. Rental providers handle delivery, pickup and maintenance. This on-demand access to storage capabilities is useful for temporary needs. Market players can provide selective customizable rental services to tap this trend.
  • Launch of Branded Storage Solutions: Major toy brands are entering the plastic toy storage segment by launching organizers featuring their popular characters and designs. Kids get excited to use their favorite toy boxes and baskets. Backpack and lunchbox companies are offering matching plastic containers. Disney, Mattel, Lego are examples of brands extending into storage products. This provides an immersive branded play experience. Licensing popular entertainment characters can help storage companies engage kids and parents.

Plastic Toy Storage Market Restraints 

  • Volatility in Plastic Resin Prices: The fluctuation in prices of plastic resins like polypropylene, polystyrene is a major restraint for toy storage market. PP prices are impacted by supply-demand dynamics of the oil and gas industry. Rise in resin costs strains profit margins for manufacturers, especially smaller players. They are unable to implement changes in product pricing rapidly. Currency exchange rate volatility in export markets also hampers stability of input material costs. This impacts planning and investments.
  • Limitations and Regulations on Plastic Use: Government regulations restricting single-use plastics and plastic waste are negatively impacting the plastics industry. There are also consumer concerns about excessive use of plastics. This can limit adoption for plastic toy storage, being a non-essential category. Companies may need to demonstrate compliance to norms and focus on eco-friendly materials. Transition to green alternatives like bamboo requires significant changes in manufacturing capabilities and supply chains.
  • Presence of Unorganized Sector Players: The plastic toy storage segment has a high presence of regional unorganized sector companies, especially in emerging economies like India, Mexico, and Thailand. These players operate at very low margins and offer products at rock-bottom prices. However, their quality standards are inconsistent. The price-sensitive nature of a segment of consumers leads to preference for such low-priced offerings, affecting the overall industry structure. This impacts the ability to command premium pricing.

Recent Developments

New product launches

  • In September 2022, Tot Tutors launched the new Tot Tutors Kids Toy Organizer for efficient toy storage and organization. This offers features like sturdy construction and attractive design.
  • In January 2021, Prepac launched the Elite Kids Toy Storage Bench providing hidden storage for toys with a sleek design. This aims to reduce toy clutter in kids' rooms.
  • In April 2020, KidKraft launched the new Austin Toy Box providing ample storage for toys and books. It is made from composite wood and offers a hip mid-century modern design.

Acquisition and partnerships

  • In May 2022, South Shore acquired Longueuil-based Up2You Calendars, a company providing personalized printed products. This supported South Shore's expansion into custom printed goods.
  • In January 2021, Prepac Manufacturing acquired Canada-based Bush Furniture, a leading RTA furniture company. This expanded Prepac's RTA furniture business in North America.
  • In December 2019, KidKraft acquired Seattle-based J. Schatz, a company making high-quality wooden toy kitchens and furniture. This expanded KidKraft's offerings in the wooden toy category.

Figure 2. Global Plastic Toy Storage Market Share (%), by Application, 2023


Top companies in Plastic Toy Storage Market

  • Sterilite Corporation
  • Rubbermaid
  • IKEA
  • KidKraft
  • Badger Basket
  • Tot Tutors
  • Costway
  • Sauder
  • Prepac
  • Honey-Can-Do
  • Creative Scents
  • Contico
  • South Shore Furniture
  • Seville Classics
  • Boori
  • Home Max
  • Three Posts
  • Langria
  • mDesign
  • Honey Can Do

Definition: The Plastic Toy Storage Market refers to the industry comprising of manufacturers and suppliers involved in designing, production and distribution of storage containers, boxes, baskets, organizers, and other toy storage products made from plastic materials. This includes companies manufacturing toy storage solutions used by households, institutions and commercial setups to organize children's toys efficiently. The plastic toy storage products provide durability, aesthetic designs, ease of cleaning and portability. Key end-users in the market include parents, households, pre-schools, daycares, toy stores and children's play areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Single-use plastic regulations and environmental concerns are key factors hampering the growth of the Market.

The major factors driving the growth of the Market are the increasing consumer demand for organized and clutter-free spaces, rising population of children, growing awareness regarding the benefits of structured play in child development, and innovations in design and functionality of plastic toy storage solutions.

The leading component segment in the Market is the plastic boxes segment (stackable boxes used to organize and store variety of toys).

Sterilite Corporation, Rubbermaid, IKEA, KidKraft, Badger Basket, Tot Tutors, Costway, Sauder, Prepac, Honey-Can-Do, Creative Scents, Contico, South Shore Furniture, Seville Classics, Boori, Home Max, Three Posts, Langria, mDesign, Honey Can Do

North America is expected to lead the Market.

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