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Biodetection is witnessing increased acceptance owing to growing bio-terrorism, which in turn results in rising number of illnesses and related deaths. Bioterrorism attacks are carried out using biological agents or biological weapons such as potential pathogens and viruses. Biodetection systems indicate the existence or entry of these pathogens. Bioterrorism attacks are a major concern for governments, as these attacks negatively impact a large population at the same time. For instance, Anthrax scare in 2001, Ricin letters in 2004, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), H1N1 attack in 2009, and Ebola outbreaks in 2014 has resulted in loss of human resources and has adversely affected the overall healthcare systems. Hence, these attacks have led governments to increase their bio-surveillance budgets and procure products that offer shortened bio-attack alarm time, high sensitivity, and selectivity at reasonable costs. Acute stress, genotoxicity, obesity, reproductive toxicity, and xenobiotic metabolism are some of the adverse effects of exposure to bio-contaminants.

Bioanalyses, chemical analyses, contract research, DNA-based assays, and consultancy services are some of the biodetection services offered by market players. Biological analyses includes determining the contaminants and quantification of the same, along with identification of biological effects due to a range of compound classes and mixtures. Furthermore, these assays also assist in identification of the compounds imposing positive health effects such as inhibition and activation of cellular pathways. Contaminant detection is based on detection of biological effect or chemical analysis, and the services include the detection of contaminants in defense, food and environment settings, and clinical.

Biodetection Market Taxonomy

On the basis of type of product and services, the global biodetection market is classified into:

  • Product Type
    • Bioanalyses
    • Instruments
    • Reagents and Media
    • Accessories and Consumables
  • Services
    • Bioanalyses
    • Chemical analyses
    • DNA based assays

On the basis of application, the global biodetection market is classified into:

  • Defense
  • Food and Environment
  • Clinical

DNA-based analyses are highly sensitive and validate the presence or absence of a specific species in a sample and assess the presence or absence of specific type of genes in a genome. These analyses are carried out by employing gene sequencing processes along with other molecular diagnostic techniques. Chemical analyses aid in detection and determination of complex mixture of bioactive compounds present in sample (clinical, food or environmental origin). These analyses involve the implementation of several chemical analytical fractionation techniques such as solid phase extraction (SPE), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and gel permeation chromatography. Laboratories involved in offering these services are as per the approved calibration standards and respective government guidelines.

Biodetection Market Outlook - Increasing Cross-border Wars Leading to Growing Concern About Bio-contaminants

Regulatory policies and safety standards govern global biodetection market growth. Geographically, Europe and North America are the major revenue contributors to the global biodetection market, as these regions make major investments in bio-surveillance systems and ensure implementation of highly efficient technologies and systems. On the other hand, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World provides lucrative opportunities for biodetection systems, as the governments in these regions are trying to prevent bio attacks and implement effective methods for minimizing damage caused by these attacks.

Steady rise in use of biological agents and weapons along with increased awareness of bioterrorism and biological warfare, is fueling demand for biodetection, especially in Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Biodetection technologies and medications against potential biological agents and extensive support from governments across the globe is projected to further propel growth of biodetection market. On the contrary, challenges in identification of minute pathogens and increasing misuse of scientific technologies along with increasing circulation of harmful biological weapons and agents would impede biodetection market growth. Some of the companies operating in the global biodetection market include Agilent Technologies, Smiths Group plc, Cepheid, Inc., Roche Diagnostics, Dycor Technologies, Ltd., and BioDetection Systems B.V.

Key Developments

Key players in the market are focused on product development and exhibition in order to enhance their market share. For instance, in June 2019, TetraCore, Inc. presented its novel multiplex assay for detection of orthopoxvirus (OPV) at the Biodefense World Summit 2019 held at Maryland, U.S. The company developed mouse monoclonal and rabbit polyclonal antibodies to Vaccinia virus that were used to develop a novel multiplex assay for detection of OPV.

Major companies are also focused on adopting collaboration and partnership strategies for product development and marketing in order to expand their product portfolio. For instance, in May 2019, EDP Biotech Corporation entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Luminex Corporation, under which the former will have the rights to develop, market and sell its blood-based colorectal cancer diagnostic assay, ColoPlex, using Luminex's xMAP Technology.

Companies in the market are also focused on product development. For instance, in August 2019, Bio-Techne Corporation introduced Maurice Empower Control Kit for the ProteinSimple-branded Maurice platform. This new kit enables users to collect, manage, and report Maurice results with Empower 3 Software developed by Waters Corporation.

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