Reasons To Know About Chronic Coughing After Suffering From COVID-19

Jan, 2023 - by CMI

Majority people suffered from chronic coughs after experiencing long COVID symptoms.

Every one in five Americans are suffering from long COVID symptoms accompanied by severe and chronic coughing patterns. Though, it is common to stay for a few weeks to help the body in overcoming the SARS-CoV-2 infection. It may also be the case that some health issue might have aggravated the coughing and not related to COVID-19 sickness. But, if it continues from days to months then it is important to see doctor immediately.

Healthcare providers have established the fact that the standard recovery of COVID-19 is atleast 21 days from the first positive test. After 4 weeks from the initial infection, a person tends to develop long COVID symptoms. Researchers have found out that coughing due to SARS infection can stay till eight months, may be individual factors prevailing within individuals like asthma, any respiratory or cardiac problems or lifestyle issue like smoking. The way a respiratory virus impacts a person differs as per the way a body functions.

Lungs may get infected due to the effect of the COVID strain which means that the coughing may get worsen and may stay for months. Individuals sometimes witness an improvement within 10days but the lasting effect will continue for at least four weeks. People affected by the dominant XBB variant may experience a painful cough due to experience of upper respiratory symptoms and at the same time, body will take time to recover.

In this season of seasonal illness, COVID is worse than flu and other respiratory infections, since it affects both the respiratory lining and the blood vessels. By doing so, in the course of time it badly does harm to the lungs.

The general recovery time is 10 to 31days, but lifestyle factors play an important part in curing the infection. More research is needed to find out how SARS-CoV-2 virus act together with our immune system in the long run.