Polybenzoxazole Fibers Market - Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

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Polybenzoxazole fibers are heat-resistant, high-performance with benzene-fused oxazole ring structure in it. Polybenzoxazole fibers are known for their strength and are twice as strong as amid fibers such as Kevlar and Nomex. Furthermore, it has 1000C higher decay temperature than aramid and shows minute creep under the continuous load. Polybenzoxazole fibers are part of synthetic fibers, which exhibit excellent mechanical properties such as low self-weight and high tensile strength. Due to this, they find applications in reinforced materials. Moreover, it also absorbs low moisture, making it suitable for high humidity working conditions. Polybenzoxazole fibers find applications in space elevators, military applications including body armor, conductive textiles, and motorsport applications.

Market Outlook

Global Polybenzoxazole fibers market size is expected to expand significantly during the forecast period (2019-2027). This is owing to growing use of polybenzoxazole fibers in various industries around the world. Increasing demand for polybenzoxazole fibers from the sports clothing industry is expected to propel the market growth. Polybenzoxazole fibers find major applications in manufacturing of sports clothing, owing to excellent properties such as high flexibility and low self-weight. Moreover, it is also used in motorsport racing applications for affixing tires to the chassis with these fibers. They prevent airborne movement of wheels in case of any high-speed mishap. This is expected to increase the demand for polybenzoxazole fibers and hence boos growth of the market during the forecast period.  Polybenzoxazole fibers find applications in various products such as cycle spokes, yacht ropes, sail boat cloth, tennis racket strings, and fishing rods. Increasing demand for these consumer products is expected to support the market growth during the forecast period. Polybenzoxazole fibers have high tensile strength and thermal stability, due to which they find applications in firefighting suits. Growing use of polybenzoxazole fibers in manufacturing of firefighting suit is expected to boost the market growth.

However, due to periodic degradation mechanically and chemically is hindering the demand for polybenzoxazole fibers and hence restraining global polybenzoxazole fibers market growth.

Market Regional Analysis

North America is expected to hold significant market share in global polybenzoxazole fibers market, owing to growing use of polybenzoxazole fibers in space applications. The U.S. is expected to dominate the region, due to increasing space applications. Europe and Asia Pacifica are also expected to witness significant growth, owing to increasing space applications. Moreover, increasing the use of polybenzoxazole fibers in motorsport racing is expected to boost growth of the market during the forecast period.

Market Players

Major players operating in the global polybenzoxazole fibers market include Toyobo (Japan), EuroFibers, and Fiber-Line.

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