Music: A Rhythmic Offering of Eternal Peace

Dec, 2020 - by CMI

Music:  A Rhythmic Offering of Eternal Peace

Music is a universal language and has many benefits for both animals and humans. Just as a song can bring joy and happiness to the ears of humans, music can bring joy and happiness to the ears of animals as well.

It has been proven in various studies that music even benefits health of humans by not only changing moods but also reducing stress. Music is everywhere - from mobile phones, to concerts. There is hardly a place where people are not entertained by music since it offers a positive vibe. Children as well as the elderly also enjoy and understand music, and it is the best mood buster for every generation. Moreover, it can relieve pain and can also serve as an exercise to the ears and prevent hearing loss.

While it is difficult for some people to realize the importance of music, there is no denying its importance in human lives. Here is how music can change an individual and relationships with others, and how music can enrich one’s life.

  1. Makes an individual creative

The first benefit that music offers to humans is creativity. Since, music comes in all kinds of genres and therefore it can range from classical, folk, blues, pop, hip hop, etc. Music creates unique musical experiences which cannot be duplicated by any other type of medium. Not just the creator, but the listener also becomes creative by listening to music. It brings a sense of creativity in the purest form, as it improves the human mind by making it more ingenious and artistic.

Any great invention requires creativity, art and imagination, and all this is fulfilled by music. Music also has the potential of improving an individual’s listening as well as understanding ability. When someone tries to understand music, it makes their minds more creative.

Classical music is one of a kind no matter where it is from. It is the most creative form of music that expresses the culture of a region. Through a piece of classical music, on can understand about the culture, language and ethics that flourish in a particular region. If one takes away classical music from the world, then the creativity and uniqueness that it brings to the table will also be removed.

  1. Music is a way of expressing emotions

Music is the language of emotions, which gives human beings a sense of connection with the world around them. An individual tends to listen to music to escape or manage their hectic daily lives. When one is stuck in traffic or has nothing else to do, music can help to get through the day with minimal effort.

When someone plays an instrument, then they are playing the music that reflects their mood or thoughts or emotions. Music is a medium through which a human can express emotions and convey thoughts. Sometimes, to do so, even words are not required. In this busy world, people often find it difficult to open up to others about their emotions and this is where music plays the most important role as a medium. It can ease an individual’s mind which is loaded with stress. It is a gem for introverts and a companion to humans. Music is everywhere, which means a companion is everywhere for every individual.

But, music can be addictive as well because listening to music releases chemicals into the brain which make us feel good and can keep us happy for years on end.

  1. Music is a best stress buster

Music can also help in reducing stress. It has been proven that listening to music reduces stress, makes us better people, and gives us energy to face the next day. Music reduces anxiety and stress according to research; and listening to music at low pitch and slow tempo can induce feelings of calmness in painful and stressful events. For instance, music can help a mother to relieve her pain while giving birth.

Music is the best aid during a bad mood and this has been even proven in several studies. It can take a person to the world of imaginations, positivity, and peace. Music has the ability to calm the nerves of a human and provide eternal peace. Since it is in every genre, one can pick music according to his/her mood and relax from all the blues of life. Music is the biggest celebration and adds on charm in every party. Music provides distraction to the mind, slows body rhythms, and alters the mood and influences the behavior of a person.

With these benefits, it is no wonder that music can have such an amazing effect on human lives.

  1. Music as a therapy

Another important benefit of music for humans is therapy. Music has been known to help reduce depression and anxiety, and it has been proven to have a positive effect on the body. Music therapy can touch all the aspects of body, mind, brain, and behavior. Music is beneficial for reducing anxiety, improving heart rate, improving learning, and stimulating the brain.

There are studies that show that listening to a certain music such as a tranquil CD or some music album decreases the level of stress hormones in the body. In fact, one study showed that listening to quiet classical music had the same effects on the body of individuals who were undergoing an MRI scan as those who were undergoing heart surgery. This can lead to a happier and healthier society.

There are certified and trained music therapists who work in a variety of educational and healthcare settings. These therapists use their techniques in order to help their patients suffering from stress, depression, as well as after surgeries to neuropathology such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

From children to the elderly, everyone benefits from music therapy. It has been proven that music is highly efficient in reducing the effects of aging problems such as Alzheimer’s disease, physical disabilities, substance abuse problems, and brain injuries.

  1. Music is a key to happiness

Music has also been shown to increase the body's production of serotonin. eSerotonin is often associated with happiness and can affect a person's mood. The same studies that show the link between depression and serotonin also show that listening to music can increase the level of serotonin in the body as well. People who are depressed can find a greater sense of happiness when they listen to music.

Music is the key to happiness. Those who struggle to get a decent sleep, especially insomniacs, can benefit from music. According to various studies, listening to music around 45 minutes before going to bed for continuous three weeks can have a certain impact on the sleep efficiency of people.

  1. Boosts immune system

According to research, music can even boost the immune system of an individual since it can help in fighting diseases. Music increases the level of antibodies and therefore help in fighting diseases. The increased amount of antibodies helps a patient in fast recovery and reduced inflammation. This happens due to increased levels of cytokines in the human body resulting from listening to music or singing. The increased levels of cytokines result in better metabolism and decrease the number of unwanted hormones, thus leading to better immunity.

  1. Music spreads love

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of music for humans is love. When people hear music they feel closer to their loved ones. This closeness is often accompanied by warmth and a sense of love. Music is often used to comfort and ease feelings of guilt, loneliness, or depression. In fact, studies show that listening to music is one of the best things that can heal a broken heart. So when one feels depressed, they must not lose hope, but listen to their favorite tunes, and try to enjoy them.

It has been well said that god is love, and music is the language of god. This means that music is the language of god. It helps people in expressing their feelings as well. It brings out emotions and helps in relaxing the mind. While listening to music, one can feel its rhythm. One can even feel how blood flourishes in the entire body while listening to a great piece of rhythm and music. Music spreads positivity, and therefore spreads love. It has the power of healing.

The list of benefits that music has should speak for itself. And the benefits are never-ending. Once, we dive into the great world of rhythms, we can feel how music is extremely energetic and how it can spread positivity all around.

There would be no conflicts in the world if everybody would speak in the language of music. Although it is next to impossible, it can bring world peace. Music cannot disappoint and only can impress. It can impress the mood, enhance inner peace, and impress the smile coming on people’s faces.