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The Gun Lockers Market size is expected to reach US$ 1.52 billion by 2030, from US$ 0.95 billion in 2023, at a CAGR of 6.9% during the forecast period. Gun lockers are secure storage solutions used to safely store firearms and prevent unauthorized access. Key advantages include organized storage, quick access in emergencies, and prevention of accidents or misuse. Major drivers include increasing gun ownership and stringent safety regulations mandating locked storage.

The Gun Lockers Market is segmented by product type, material, lock type, end-user, distribution channel and region. By product type, the long gun lockers segment accounts for the largest share. The rising ownership of rifles and shotguns, especially in the US, is driving the adoption of long gun storage cabinets and lockers.

Gun Lockers Market Regional Insights

  • North America: North America is the largest market for gun lockers, with a share of over 35% in 2023. The region is expected to continue to dominate the market during the forecast period, due to the high number of gun owners in the United States. The United States is the largest market for gun lockers in North America, followed by Canada.
  • Europe: Europe is the second-largest market for gun lockers, with a share of over 25% in 2023. The region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% during the forecast period, due to the increasing awareness about the importance of gun safety. Germany, the United Kingdom, and France are the largest markets for gun lockers in Europe.
  • Asia Pacific: Asia Pacific is the third-largest market for gun lockers, with a share of over 15% in 2023. The region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period, due to the growing number of gun owners in emerging economies such as India and China. Japan and South Korea are the largest markets for gun lockers in Asia Pacific.

Figure 1. Global Gun Lockers Market Share (%), by Region, 2023

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Gun Lockers Market Drivers

  • Increasing Gun Ownership and Safety Concerns: The rising civilian gun ownership, especially in the United States, is a major factor driving the demand for gun lockers. According to estimates, civilian gun ownership in the US has increased from 270 million in 2000 to 393 million in 2017. The increase has been driven by factors such as rising perceptions of crime and civil unrest, gun culture, and self-defense needs.
  • Stringent Firearm Safety Regulations: Stringent gun safety laws and regulations mandating safe firearm storage are also contributing to market growth. States such as California, Massachusetts and New York have enforced laws requiring gun owners to lock away their firearms when not in use.
  • Increasing Adoption by Military and Law Enforcement: Surging adoption of gun lockers and cabinets by military, law enforcement, and security agencies across the world is fueling market growth. Gun lockers enable quick, organized access to firearms while also preventing misuse and theft. Brands are innovating with solutions like rapid access gun lockers for armories.
  • Shooting Range Installations: The growing number of shooting ranges and gun clubs globally is also contributing to the rising uptake of modular and heavy-duty gun lockers. Ranges need secure firearm storage solutions to prevent theft. Lockers also enable the systematic storage of firearms during range sessions. Leading manufacturers offer customized lockers for shooting ranges.

Gun Lockers Market Opportunities

  • Innovation in Biometric Technologies: The integration of biometric technologies such as fingerprint, facial recognition and iris scanning in gun lockers presents an important opportunity for growth. Biometric locks provide quick, reliable access while also eliminating risks of unauthorized entry.
  • Emergence of Smart and Connected Gun Storage: The emergence of smart and connected gun storage solutions enabling real-time remote monitoring and alerts is a key opportunity area. Leading brands have introduced app-enabled gun cabinets allowing owners to control and monitor access through smartphones.
  • Online Sales Growth: The proliferation of e-commerce is providing gun owners increased access to a broad range of gun storage solutions. Leading online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart are investing in firearms storage categories on their platforms. This is expanding product visibility and enabling convenient delivery.
  • Emerging Economies: Rising defense spending and increasing civilian gun ownership in developing regions such as Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East presents new expansion opportunities. Countries such as India, Brazil, Mexico and Saudi Arabia are expected to drive sales.

Gun Lockers Market Trends

  • Innovations in Fireproofing: Increasing innovations in manufacturing fireproof and waterproof gun lockers and cabinets presents an important trend. Gun owners are increasingly concerned about protecting valuables from damage in case of environmental accidents.
  • Customization and Premiumization: Rising demand for premium, bespoke storage solutions tailored to specific gun collections represents a notable trend. Affluent gun collectors and enthusiasts are willing to invest in high-end customized cabinets displaying their prized acquisitions.
  • Increasing Adoption of Modular Storage: Growing user demand for modular, expandable gun locker systems that can adapt to evolving storage needs is an important trend. Modular lockers with add-on cabinets, shelving and drawer accessories enable tailored storage.
  • Advancements in Locking Mechanisms: Technological advancements in electronic and biometric locking systems is a major trend. Integration of Bluetooth, smartphones and fingerprint recognition is increasing. These provide reliability along with features like notifications during access attempts.

Gun Lockers Market Report Coverage

Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2022 Market Size in 2023: US$ 0.95 Bn
Historical Data for: 2018 to 2021 Forecast Period: 2023 - 2030
Forecast Period 2023 to 2030 CAGR: 6.9% 2030 Value Projection: US$ 1.52 Bn
Geographies covered:
  • North America: U.S. and Canada
  • Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America
  • Europe: Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific: China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, ASEAN, and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa:  GCC Countries, Israel,  South Africa, North Africa, and Central Africa and Rest of Middle East
Segments covered:
  • By Product Type: Long gun lockers, Handgun lockers, Firearm cabinets, Gun wall racks, Others
  • By Material: Steel, Wood, Composite, Others 
  • By Lock Type: Electronic, Biometric, Mechanical, Others
  • By End-user: Residential, Military, Law enforcement, Shooting ranges, Others
  • By Distribution Channel: Offline, Online
Companies covered:

Stack-On, Liberty Safe, Cannon Safe, Brown Safe, Mesa Safe, Fort Knox, Blue Dot Safes, SecureIt Gun Storage, Amsec, Gardall Safe, GunVault, First Alert, Rhino Metals, Barska, V-Line Industries, SentrySafe, Homak Manufacturing, Gun Safe America, Superior Safe Company, Sturdy Gun Safe

Growth Drivers:
  • Increasing firearm ownership
  • Rising safety concerns 
  • Stringent gun safety regulations  
  • Increasing defense spending
Restraints & Challenges:
  • High cost of premium gun lockers
  • Complex regulatory policies
  • Limitations of mechanical locks
  • Declining household gun ownership

Gun Lockers Market Restraints

  • High Costs Limit Adoption: Premium pricing of advanced gun lockers and cabinets poses affordability challenges and limits uptake, especially among lower-income owners. For instance, high-end biometric or smart safes can cost over $2,000. The high hardware costs involved in electronic locks also inflate prices.
  • Limitations of Mechanical Locks: While mechanical gun lockers provide a cost-effective option, vulnerabilities in keys and combination locks are a limiting factor. Issues such as forgotten combinations and the risks of duplicated keys are encouraging a shift towards electronic locks.
  • Complex Regulatory Approvals: Complex regulatory approvals required for gun storage and lock mechanisms in major markets like the US and Canada act as restraints. All guns sold in the US must comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's safety standards. The inconsistent state-level differences in policies also create compliance challenges.

Recent Developments

New product launches

  • In January 2022, Hornady Security launched the RAPiD Safe AR Gun Locker, an AR-15 wall locker with RFID technology and a simplex mechanical lock providing quick access. It caters to defense needs.
  • In June 2021, SecureIt introduced the Tactical Operator Package, a modular locker system designed for law enforcement and military use. It enables organized storage and rapid access to tactical firearms.
  • In May 2020, Liberty Safe launched the Lincoln series of premium gun safes equipped with proprietary Guardian Technology to survive burglary attacks. They offer maximum security for high-end firearms.

Acquisition and partnerships

  • In August 2021, Ontario-based Brown Safe acquired custom safe manufacturer Steelwater Gun Safes. The acquisition expands Brown Safe's capabilities in premium gun locker manufacturing.
  • In January 2020, gun safe leader Liberty Safe acquired Superior Safe Company, a manufacturer of fireproof safes. The acquisition enhances Liberty's production capacity and product portfolio.
  • In March 2022, SentrySafe partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote secure firearm storage through educational programs and providing discounts on biometric gun safes.

Figure 2. Global Gun Lockers Market Share (%), by Material, 2023

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Top companies in Gun Lockers Market

  • Stack-On
  • Liberty Safe
  • Cannon Safe
  • Brown Safe
  • Mesa Safe
  • Fort Knox
  • Blue Dot Safes
  • SecureIt Gun Storage
  • Amsec
  • Gardall Safe
  • GunVault
  • First Alert
  • Rhino Metals
  • Barska
  • V-Line Industries
  • SentrySafe
  • Homak Manufacturing
  • Gun Safe America
  • Superior Safe Company
  • Sturdy Gun Safe

*Definition: Gun lockers refer to secure, locking storage solutions designed to safely and organizedly store firearms like handguns, rifles, shotguns and prevent unauthorized access or misuse, especially around children. Gun lockers come in various sizes, shapes and designs and utilize different locking mechanisms ranging from electronic, biometric to mechanical locks. Key advantages offered by gun lockers and cabinets include quick access in emergencies, prevention of accidents and organized storage allowing systematic access in shooting ranges and armories. The various types of gun storage solutions include long gun lockers, handgun lockers, firearm cabinets, wall racks and vehicle lock boxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

High costs, limitations of mechanical locks, complex regulatory policies, declining household gun ownership in countries such as Australia.

Increasing gun ownership, stringent safety regulations, adoption by military/law enforcement, rise of shooting ranges.

The leading component segment in the Gun Lockers Market is the long gun lockers segment. Long gun lockers are used to securely store rifles, shotguns, and other long-barrel firearms.

Stack-On, Liberty Safe, Cannon Safe, Brown Safe, Mesa Safe, Fort Knox, Blue Dot Safes, SecureIt Gun Storage, Amsec, Gardall Safe.

North America is expected to lead the Market.
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