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Market Size and Trends

Global nitrile gloves market is estimated to be valued at USD 4.71 Bn in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 8.92 Bn by 2031, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.5% from 2024 to 2031. The widespread use of nitrile gloves in the healthcare, automotive, chemicals and other industries can drive the nitrile gloves market growth during the forecast period.

Nitrile Gloves Market Key Factors

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The market is expected to witness prominent growth due to rising adoption in developing economies and increasing focus on preventive health measures. Growing healthcare industry coupled with rising healthcare spending boosts the use of nitrile gloves across various applications. Furthermore, stringent worker safety regulations especially in the chemicals and oil & gas industries can boost demand for protective gloves. Rising global focus on personal hygiene due to spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 has further boosted the consumption of nitrile gloves in daily life.

Increasing Demand from Medical Industry

Global nitrile gloves market growth is driven by rising demand for these gloves from the medical industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has further emphasized the importance of personal protective equipment including gloves for medical professionals and healthcare workers. Nitrile gloves are widely used in hospitals and clinical settings as these provide superior resistance to many chemicals and are less likely to cause allergic reactions as compared to natural rubber latex gloves. These act as an important barrier between healthcare workers and contaminated materials, thus, preventing the spread of infections. With the ongoing pandemic, there has been increase in demand for nitrile gloves from hospitals and clinics worldwide. Medical facilities have increased their stock levels, and are procuring gloves in large quantities to ensure a continuous supply. Many governments are also now mandating the use of gloves in all healthcare settings. Manufacturers have ramped up their production capacity significantly to meet rising requirements from the medical sector. This increasing dependence as well as shortage of gloves in the medical industry cements nitrile gloves as an essential part of personal protective equipment. Even after the pandemic, glove usage is expected to remain at elevated levels in healthcare settings as a standard safety protocol. For instance, in March 2023, American Nitrile, a company specializing in production of healthcare gloves, announced a partnership with The Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CABVI). The partnership aims to distribute domestically manufactured nitrile gloves in response to increasing demand for PPE, while enhancing distribution efficiency nationwide. The gloves have been approved under the Make PPE in America Act, which mandates long-term procurement contracts for domestically produced PPE. Furthermore, these have secured an AbilityOne contract from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This initiative aims to support employment opportunities for individuals who are blind or have significant disabilities.

Market Concentration and Competitive Landscape

Nitrile Gloves Market Concentration By Players

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Increasing awareness about health and safety among workers

Workplace safety has become a major concern globally in the last few years. Due to pandemic, workers are now more aware about the importance of protective equipment to prevent the spread of infections at work. Nitrile gloves have emerged as one of the most effective barriers against germs and chemicals. Many countries have also made nitrile gloves mandatory personal protective equipment in high-risk occupations like healthcare, food services, construction, and others. This growing emphasis on worker well-being through regulations and education can boost demand for nitrile gloves. According to the data published by the World Health Organization, healthcare related infections affected over 42 million medical workers globally in 2020. With more medical workers realizing the role of nitrile gloves in reducing illness, there has huge demand for these gloves in hospitals and clinics. Countries like the U.S. have made it compulsory for all healthcare facilities to provide nitrile or latex gloves to staff to enhance safety. Guidance issued by countries including the U.K., Germany and France recommending frequent hand washing and use of gloves in food processing plants has boosted consumption of nitrile gloves.

Key Takeaways from Analyst:

Global nitrile gloves market growth is driven by increasing awareness about hygiene and health safety. Nitrile gloves are gaining preference over latex and vinyl gloves due to their durability and resistance to punctures. Rising concerns about contamination and infectious diseases can boost demand from the healthcare industry. Mandatory usage of gloves in food processing and handling can boost sales of these gloves. Stringent regulatory standards regarding personnel protective equipment adoption across regions can drive the market growth.

Volatile raw material prices can hamper the market growth as natural rubber is a major raw material for glove manufacturing. Capacity constraints and supply issues during the pandemic also limited the market growth. High competition from local players impacts pricing and profits of established brands. Furthermore, environmental concerns regarding glove disposal could hamper market growth.

Southeast Asia dominates production and exports owing to the presence of several manufacturing bases.  North America will witness fastest growth in the market due to rising healthcare spending and stringent safety regulations. Europe presents lucrative opportunities due to the focus on personnel safety in industries such as automotive and electronics.

Market Challenges: Availability of substitute products

The availability of substitute products can hamper the nitrile gloves market growth. Latex and vinyl gloves are considered as the major substitutes for nitrile gloves. Latex gloves have been used widely in the healthcare industry and account for a significant share of the global medical gloves market. Although latex gloves are cheaper than nitrile gloves, issues of latex allergies has boosted demand for latex-free alternatives such as nitrile and vinyl gloves. However, vinyl gloves are emerging as a strong alternative to nitrile gloves due to their very low cost. Vinyl gloves are made through a process of polymerization of vinyl chloride, which makes them much cheaper to produce than nitrile gloves which require special chemicals and a manufacturing process. According to the statistics published by the World Health Organization in 2021, global production capacity of vinyl gloves is growing at a higher rate as compared to nitrile gloves over the past few years. The total vinyl gloves production capacity had increased from 275 billion pieces in 2017 to over 325 billion pieces in 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of above 5%. In contrast, the global nitrile gloves production capacity grew at a CAGR of only 3-4% during the same period.

Market Opportunities: Innovation in product offerings

Innovation in product offerings present a major opportunity for growth in the nitrile gloves market. With the heightened awareness of hygiene and infection control due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there is increased demand for advanced gloves that provide superior protection. Manufacturers can capitalize on this by developing new nitrile glove varieties with cutting-edge features. One avenue is creating gloves with augmented physical barriers. Thinner yet highly durable nitrile designs can maintain protection while improving tactility for delicate tasks. Infusing gloves with antimicrobial coatings can give extra shield against viruses and bacteria. Silver ion and other advanced technologies are being studied for their efficacy. This added defense could give such options an edge over standard gloves.Advanced functionalities also allow better performance. Nitrile gloves with enhanced breathability are being trialled to reduce discomfort during extended wear. Some prototypes incorporate flexible frameworks to provide an ergonomic fit across a range of hand sizes. Connected gloves with integrated sensors promise real-time feedback on fit and potential breaches. Such innovations fulfil an emerging need for protection tailored for different applications and user needs.

Nitrile Gloves Market By Type

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Insights, By Type - Comfort and Safety Drives Powder-free Segment Growth

In terms of type, powder-free segment is estimated to contribute the highest market share of 55.1% in 2024, owing to greater comfort and enhanced safety features. Powder-free gloves offer a smoother surface that feels more like normal skin and do not cause irritation to the hands or other body parts that are frequently touched during examination or treatment. This enhanced tactile sensitivity makes delicate tasks and treatments more feasible while wearing powder-free gloves. Furthermore, health regulations in many countries now actively promote the use of powder-free gloves in medical settings due to risks of inhalation of powder residue. Powder particles left on the gloves can become airborne during removal and can put the health of both patients and healthcare workers at potential risk of inhalation.

Insights, By Product –Single Use Convenience Boosts Disposable Segment

In terms of product, disposable segment is estimated to contribute the highest market share of 70.2% in 2024, owing to convenience of single-use. Disposable gloves are most suitable for applications that involve brief or one-time use with low risk of cross-contamination. Their single-use convenience nullifies the effort and time required for cleaning, maintenance or sterilization of durable gloves. This makes disposable gloves highly preferred for examination, minor procedures and general protection in hospitals. These are also ideal for situations outside the medical field such as food processing, manufacturing and commercial use where cross contamination needs to be blocked after brief or accidental contact with hazardous substances. Strict hygiene regulations driving increased safety standards further amplify demand for convenient disposables.

Insights, By End User - Growing Patient Pool and Regulations Drive Hospitals & Clinics Segment

In terms of end user, hospitals & clinics segment is estimated to contribute the highest market share of 45% in 2024, due to large patient footfalls and stringent hospital regulations. With aging population and advancing medical technologies, footfalls in hospitals continue rising worldwide. This massive inpatient and outpatient pool translates to increased usage of examination and procedural gloves on a daily basis within the hospital premises. All major hospitals now abide by regulatory guidelines mandating the use of gloves as part of standard precautions with every patient contact or during handling of biological specimens and infectious medical waste to prevent cross-contamination. Such laws have mandated hospital-grade gloves to be worn in low-risk situations

Regional Insights

Nitrile Gloves Market Regional Insights

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Asia Pacific region currently dominates the global nitrile gloves market with an estimated market share of 36.2 % in 2024. Led by countries like Malaysia and Thailand, the region accounts for over 60% of global nitrile glove production. This can be attributed to factors like availability of raw materials, favourable production costs and a strong healthcare sector.

Malaysia has established itself as the largest producer and exporter of nitrile gloves globally. Major producers such as Top Glove, Hartalega and Supermax have production facilities in Malaysia, thus, enabling them to cater to rising demand. These manufacturers have benefitted from the country's robust manufacturing infrastructure as well as proximity to raw material suppliers. These have continued to expand production capacity through investments. This has cemented Malaysia's position as the market leader in nitrile gloves.

North American is expected to be the fastest growing regional market for nitrile gloves over the forecast period due to  rising healthcare spending across the region as well as growing awareness of hand hygiene during the pandemic. Several North American companies have increased their imports of nitrile gloves from Asia to ensure supply security. This is supported by the relatively higher costs of domestic production in the region compared to Asian alternatives. 

Market Report Scope

Nitrile Gloves Market Report Coverage

Report Coverage Details
Base Year: 2023 Market Size in 2024: US$ 4.71 Bn
Historical Data for: 2019 to 2023 Forecast Period: 2024 to 2031
Forecast Period 2024 to 2031 CAGR: 9.5% 2031 Value Projection: US$ 8.92 Bn
Geographies covered:
  • North America: U.S. and Canada
  • Latin America: Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Rest of Latin America
  • Europe: Germany, U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific: China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, ASEAN, and Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa: GCC Countries, Israel, South Africa, and Rest of Middle East & Africa
Segments covered:
  • By Type: Powdered and Powder-free
  • By Product: Disposable and Durable
  • By End User: Hospitals & Clinics , Research Laboratories, Medicals, Food Processing, Others 
Companies covered:

Cardinal Health, Medline Industries, Inc., Ansell Ltd, Top Glove Corporation Bhd, Hartalega Holdings Berhad, Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd, Supermax Corporation Berhad, Superior Gloves, MCR Safety, Adenna LLC, Ammex Corporation, Unigloves (UK) Limited, Globus (Shetland) Ltd., Atlantic Safety Products, Inc., MAPA Professional

Growth Drivers:
  • Increasing Demand from Medical Industry
  • Increasing awareness about health and safety among workers
Restraints & Challenges:
  • Availability of substitute products
  • Trade barriers and regulations

Key Developments

  • In April 2024, Armbrust American, a medical manufacturing company in the U.S., commenced production of 100% American-made nitrile gloves. This initiative marks the next step in its mission to establish themselves as the leading provider of U.S.-Made medical products.
  • In April 2023, Cranberry, a prominent manufacturer of nitrile gloves, launched Bio Nitrile Biodegradable Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves. These gloves, a first in the U.S. market, feature a 300-count and are fully biodegradable, marking a significant step towards reducing the environmental impact of examination gloves.
  • In July 2021, Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate corporation, and Premier Inc., a healthcare company, announced a new partnership aimed at significantly increasing domestic production of nitrile exam gloves. The partnership aimed to manufacture at least 750 million domestically produced gloves within the first year.

*Definition: Global nitrile gloves market involves the manufacturing and distribution of disposable gloves made from nitrile rubber. Nitrile gloves are more durable than other glove types like latex and vinyl and offer greater chemical resistance. These are commonly used in healthcare, automotive repair, construction, cleaning services, food processing and other industries where workers need protection from liquids, chemicals, or contamination. The global nitrile gloves market has seen significant growth in recent years due to increased awareness of hygiene and safety standards worldwide.

Market Segmentation

  • Type Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Powdered
    • Powder-free
  •  Product Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Disposable
    • Durable
  •  End User Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • Hospitals & Clinics
    • Research Laboratories
    • Medicals
    • Food Processing
    • Others
  • Regional Insights (Revenue, USD Bn, 2019 - 2031)
    • North America
      • U.S.
      • Canada
    • Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Mexico
      • Rest of Latin America
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • Spain
      • France
      • Italy
      • Russia
      • Rest of Europe
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Australia
      • South Korea
      • ASEAN
      • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Middle East
      • GCC Countries
      • Israel
      • Rest of Middle East
    • Africa
      • South Africa
      • North Africa
      • Central Africa
  • Key Players Insights
    • Cardinal Health
    • Medline Industries, Inc.
    • Ansell Ltd
    • Top Glove Corporation Bhd
    • Hartalega Holdings Berhad
    • Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd
    • Supermax Corporation Berhad
    • Superior Gloves
    • MCR Safety
    • Adenna LLC
    • Ammex Corporation
    • Unigloves (UK) Limited
    • Globus (Shetland) Ltd.
    • Atlantic Safety Products, Inc.
    • MAPA Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

The CAGR of global nitrile gloves market is projected to be 9.5% from 2024 to 2031.

Increasing demand from medical industry and increasing awareness about health and safety among workers are the major factors driving the growth of global nitrile gloves market.

Availability of substitute products and trade barriers and regulations are the major factors hampering the growth of global nitrile gloves market.

In terms of type, powdered segment is estimated to dominate the market in 2024.

Cardinal Health, Medline Industries, Inc., Ansell Ltd, Top Glove Corporation Bhd, Hartalega Holdings Berhad, Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd, Supermax Corporation Berhad, Superior Gloves, MCR Safety, Adenna LLC, Ammex Corporation, Unigloves (UK) Limited, Globus (Shetland) Ltd., Atlantic Safety Products, Inc., MAPA Professional are the major players.

Asia Pacific is expected to lead the global nitrile gloves market.

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