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Healthy Gut Microbiome May Help To Tackle Muscle Loss

Oct, 2021

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A research found that healthy microbiome is important for growth of muscles after exercising.

A research team found that microorganisms found in intestines may help growing muscles and with function which enables exploration of age-related muscle loss. As per the research published in the journal The Journal of Physiology on September 27, 2021, to grow muscles after exercising in lab mice an in-tact microbiome was important.  Earlier studies show fascinating evidence that suggests gut microbiome could be necessary for healthy skeletal muscles but in this study the scientists found that healthy hut microbiome is important for the growth of muscles.

Countless of microbial can be found in intestines of all living species including humans. Microorganisms in the gut play an important role in body functions such as metabolism as well as immune system and more. To find out their role in the growth of the muscles, the scientists allowed mice to voluntarily exercise on running wheels daily for 9 weeks and provided them so antibiotics through drinking water. The gut bacteria of these mice were executed with those antibiotics. After that, the researchers studied muscles of healthy mice with mice having no intact microbiome and found that the mice with no intact microbiome had low muscle growth compared to healthy mice, even after both group of mice were put through same exercise for 9 weeks.

The findings of this study highlight, the gut microbiome generates a substances that amplifies the skeletal muscle growth and enhances them after exercise. The scientists explain, finding out these substances that are making the muscles grow and big could help us use them to promote muscle growth in humans suffering muscle loss with age or due to diseases such as cancer.

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