Small animal imaging is a technique employed using devices and reagents for imaging biological processes in animals such as rats and mice for drug development and gene expression studies. Small animal imaging devices are similar to the devices used for diagnostic purposes in human, due to the smaller size they are referred as micro devices. The system includes the whole body scan of animals that is a cost effective method for regular validation and commercialization of novel drugs. The analysis provided by using small animals imaging system can provide valuable information in preclinical or phase I stage of clinical trials and to understand the activity of pharmaceutical compounds. Small animal imaging is classification and measurement of biological processes at molecular level which involves the study of targeted molecule that is used in clinical research for drug development.

Various upgrade in the field of molecular imaging techniques is driving the small animal imaging market

Increase in market demand for small animal imaging techniques and technological upgrades in the field of small animal imaging techniques are the major factors that are driving the small animal imaging market. According to National Health Services (NHS) UK, diagnostic imaging data showed that around 39.8 million imaging test were registered during 2015 in England. Small animal imaging system has wide applications in oncology area and the increase in cases of cancers globally and high investments in research and diagnostics centers for cancer is the factor owing to growth of small animal imaging market. Various imaging modalities play a crucial role in researches that includes the techniques such as magnetic imaging resonance, computing tomography, micro ultrasound, PAT, and micro photoacoustic, this also helps in studying the animal model longitudinally. However, the regulations by governments regarding usage of animals in experiments and requirement of high operational and installation cost are the factors that might hinder the growth of small animal imaging market. The limitations regarding procedure and technological aspects may pose challenges in the small animal imaging market.

Increase preclinical studies on various drug development process to boost the North America small animal imaging market

North America dominates in the small animal imaging market due to the factors such as vast preclinical research, and technological advancements. Europe is another region contributing to the maximum share of the small animal imaging market. The need for drug development through small animal imaging, and large number of pharmaceuticals and clinical research organizations are expected to boost the small animal imaging market in this segment. However, the increase in healthcare expenditure, investments in research and development is propelling the growth of small animal imaging market in Asia-Pacific.

Key players operating the global small animal imaging market includes PerkinElmer Incorporated, Bruker Corporation, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation, Mediso Ltd., Thermo Fisher Scientific, MR solutions Ltd., Aspect Imaging, Miltenyi Biotec GmbH, Life Technologies Corporations, Trifoil Imaging, and many others.

Key Developments –

  1. In September 2015, PerkinElmer, Inc., showcased its imaging products such as Quantum GX microCT system, G8 PET/CT imaging system, IVIS SpectrumCT and others at the World Molecular Imaging Congress Annual meeting held at, Honolulu in 2015
  2. In September 2014, PerkinElmer, Inc., launched Solaris, an quantitative optical molecular imaging system developed for use in small and large animal studies for enhancing the research and development of drugs and validate molecular-guided surgical research protocols.
  3. In May 2018, MR Solutions, introduced a continuous PET detection system for offering better imaging solutions to the researchers

The global small animal imaging market is segmented by modality, by applications, and by regions

On the basis of modality, small animal imaging market is segmented into

  • Nuclear Imaging Systems
  • Micro –SPECT
  • Micro-PET
  • Trimodality
  • Optical Imaging systems
  • Optical+ X-ray optical+ CT
  • Bioluminescence/ Fluorescence Imaging systems
  • Standalone Fluorescence Imaging Systems
  • MRI systems
  • Ultrasound Systems
  • CT systems
  • Photoacoustic Imaging systems
  • Magnetic Particle Imaging systems

 On the basis of applications, small animal imaging market is segmented into

  • Cancer cell detection
  • Monitoring drug treatment response
  • Biomarkers
  • Epigenetics
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Bio distribution studies

On the basis of geography, small animal imaging market is segmented into

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia- Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa
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