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The India Content Delivery Network Market, by Service Provider (Telecom CDN Provider, Conventional CDN Provider, Others), by Application (Streaming, Web Acceleration, Gaming, and CDN Storage), by End-use Vertical (Media and Entertainment, E-commerce, Telco, Healthcare, Government & Education, and Others) - India Forecast to 2027”, is expected to be valued at US$ 2,846.8 million by 2027, witnessing a CAGR of 23.3% during the forecast period (2019-2027), as highlighted in a report published by . Market Definition A content delivery network (CDN) is a crucial part of the modern web application that is used to enhance the delivery of content by imitating commonly requested files across the globally distributed set of caching servers. CDN also reduces the load on application origin and augment the experience of requestor by providing a local copy of content from nearby Point of Presence (PoP) or cache edge. It can deliver static as well as dynamic content. It is used to manage and control different components of the CDN ecosystem. Moreover, it also finds application in tracking status of the network by acquiring data every few seconds, in order to make sure the system is functioning at normal level. The India Content Delivery Network (CDN) market is estimated to account for US$ 532.5 Mn in terms of value by the end of 2019. Market Driver Growing IP traffic in India is expected to drive growth of the India content delivery network (CDN) market during the forecast period IP traffic is flow of internet data across the internet, which is commonly referred to as web traffic. Increasing IP traffic in India is expected to increase load on the current Internet network, which, in turn, is expected to boost the demand for CDN, thereby driving the market growth. For instance, according to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), in June 2015, internet users in India reached 354 million individuals. This growth is expected to create conducive environment of potential start-ups on digital platforms. Market Opportunity Increasing focus of media organization towards digital distribution model is expected to pose excellent growth opportunities for key players Various media companies are preferring digital distribution model. Moreover, CDN providers are focused on techniques of web performance optimization, in order to accommodate increasing dynamic and mobile content requirements. Thus, growing mobile traffic for media-related services is expected to offer significant growth opportunities for market players. Market Restraint  Complicated architecture of CDN coupled with concerns regarding the quality of service (QOS) is           expected to restrain growth of the India content delivery network (CDN) market during the forecast period Since architecture of content delivery network is so complex, it is expensive to use, especially for new small-sized companies. It includes costs per each data transfer and gigabyte. Moreover, there are concerns over quality of service provided by CDN vendor, which is expected to restrain the India content network delivery (CDN) market growth over the forecast period. Key Takeaways: Application: Streaming segment dominated the India content delivery network (CDN) market in 2018, and is forecasted to reach a value of US$ 1,664.4 by 2027 at a CAGR of 24.9% between 2019 and 2027. The market in India is booming at a rapid pace owing to the increase in usage of streaming platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix, etc. Netflix uses content delivery network (CDN) in order to deliver optimized resolution video content across their network globally. End-use Vertical: Media & Entertainment segment dominated the India content delivery network (CDN) market in 2018, accounting for 49.9% share in terms of value, followed by e-commerce, others, Telco, government & education, healthcare, respectively. The market in media and entertainment industry is expected to grow rapidly owing to increase in usage of digital platforms and rise in consumption of online video content in India. Market Trends

  1. Compatibility of CDN service to IPv6 is the major trends in the market

Various key players in the market are focused on offering CDN solutions that support IPv6, as it is expected to become obsolete. This, in turn, is encouraging numerous customers to shift towards IPv6 for hosting websites. According to Akamai’s IPv6 Adoption report, in 2017, IPv6 adoption in India accounted for 54%. Furthermore, in June 2012, Tata Communications shifted from IPv4 to IPv6 due to numerous benefits latest versions. In March 2012, Akamai Telecommunications announced plans to provide CDN service report for IPv6 for enterprises, media companies, and consumer-oriented services.

  1. Utilization of next-generation hardware is another major trend in the market

An individual can support 512 GB to 768 GB of RA, which is expected to increase in the near future up to TB. CDNs utilize servers with network interface cards that support 10 or 40 Gbps/port. This is expected to reach 100 Gbps/port in the near future. Competitive Section Key companies operating in the India content delivery network (CDN) market are Tata Communications Ltd., Amazon CloudFront – Inc., Cachefly, CDNetworks Co., Ltd., CDNify Ltd., CDNsun, CDNvideo, CloudFlare, Inc., EdgeCast Networks,, proinity LLC (KeyCDN), Limelight Networks Inc., Skypark CDN, and Level 3 Communication Inc. Key Developments

  1. Key companies in the market are focused on enhancing existing services, in order to gain competitive edge in the market. For instance, in September 2019, Limelight Networks, Inc., a provider of edge cloud services, introduced new enhancements to its Video Delivery Services at IBC 2019.
  2. Key players are involved in product launches, in order to expand their product portfolio. For instance, in June 2017, CDNetworks Co., Ltd. introduced Cloud Security 2.0 with integration of next generation behavioral web application firewall (WAF).

Segmentation Market Taxonomy:

  1. By End-use Vertical
  • Media & entertainment
  • E–commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Government & Education
  • Others (Gaming, Advertisement, etc.)
  1. By Application
  • Web Acceleration
  • Streaming
  • Gaming
  • CDN Storage
  1. By Service Provider
  • Telecom CDN
  • Conventional CDN
  • Others




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