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Dermal regeneration template market

Dermal regeneration template is a two-layered skin regeneration system. The outer layer of dermal regeneration template is made of thin silicone film act as the epidermis of skin. The outer layer of dermal regeneration template helps in protecting wound from infection and controls in loss of both heat and moisture. The outer collagen Glycosaminoglycan (GAG) thermal layer functions as a biodegradable template that helps in regeneration of dermal tissue neodermis by the body. The inner layer of dermal regeneration template is made of complex matrix of cross-linked fibers. The porous material of the template helps in regeneration of skin. The cross-linked fiber material of dermal regeneration template acts a scaffold for the re-growth of skin layer. Once the dermal skin layer is regenerated the outer layer of template is removed and is replaced with a thin epidermal skin graft. This procedure leaves the wound to a flexible, growing and allows permanent regeneration of skin. It allows faster healing of wound with minimum scarring. Using dermal regeneration template allows immediate wound closure without risking any loss of donor material. In 2005, Integra LifeSciences received FDA approval for its INTEGRA Dermal Regeneration Template as a treatment for life-threatening burn injuries and reconstructive surgery for the repair of scars when other therapies fail. Recently, In January 2016, Integra LifeSciences received FDA approval for treatment of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) with dermal regeneration template. The application of this template is typically completed in two operative sessions involving the product applied to the excision sites and the second procedure performed 3 to 6 weeks after the placement of product to remove silicone layer and for an epidermal autograft applied to the neodermis.

Global Dermal Regeneration Template Market Taxonomy

The global market is classified on the basis of following segments:

  • Indication Type:
    • Burn Injuries
    • Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    • Trauma Injuries
    • Others
  • End Users:
    • Hospital
    • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
    • Emergency Care Units
    • Others

Future Market Outlook for Dermal Regeneration Template Market

The global dermal regeneration template market is expected to witness significant growth due to increase in incidence of burn injuries and prevalence of diabetes globally. As per the report of WHO in 2016, burns result in around 265,000 deaths every year. Low income and middle income countries contribute majority to the total number of burns every year. In India alone, over 1,000,000 people suffer from moderate to severe burns each year. In Bangladesh, Egypt, Columbia and Pakistan, around 17% of children with burn have temporary disability where as 18% have permanent disability. The increasing cases of burns and awareness among the population of low and middle income countries provides opportunity for dermal regeneration template industry. The growing concern with burning cases and governments initiatives to grow awareness among patients related to burn treatment through campaigns and national burn Awareness week to act as a fuel to the growth of dermal regeneration template market. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services initiated medical countermeasures (MCMs) program, aimed to improve burn treatment for mass causality. The increasing research fund and grants associated for burn research is creating opportunity for dermal regeneration template manufacturers to come up with products with more innovations. American burn association (ABA) is one of such organization of the U.S. that offers awards, grants and fellowship opportunities to practitioners for education, prevention and rehabilitation of burn. The growing usage of skin grafts and skin replacement substitutes are expected to act as a restrain to the global dermal regeneration market. Dermal regeneration template usage in chemical, radiation or electrical burns are limited and can only be used after thorough evaluation by surgeon. The product can be only used in excision therapy and are contraindicated for infectional wounds. Their limitation for incision use and usage in chemical and radiation is expected to hamper the overall growth. North America, Europe and Asia Pacific contribute major revenue to the overall market. Asia Pacific is expected to grow with high CAGR as compared to other region.

Market Player

The global dermal regeneration template market has only one FDA approved product from Integra LifeScience. The growing research related to innovation in material and design is expected to penetrate many companies in the market. In 2016, a research funded by Welcome Trust described a novel approach to increase the thickness of elastic- layered fiber for geriatric patients and created a hybrid of Integra dermal regeneration template.

Key Developments

Increasing product development and launches by Integra LifeSciences are expected to aid growth of the global dermal regeneration template market. For instance, in May 2017, Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation announced the European launch of its Integra Dermal Regeneration Template (IDRT) Single Layer ‘Thin’, which is an extension of the company’s collagen range of dermal repair products.

Moreover, Integra LifeSciences is also focused on strategic acquisitions in order to expand its product portfolio and revenue. In July 2019, the company announced the acquisition of Arkis Biosciences Inc., a privately-owned company which offers a strong portfolio of neurosurgical devices.

Similarly, the life sciences company is engaged in obtaining strategic investments and funding to strengthen its market position. In August 2019, it was announced that ARP Americas LP invested US$ 302,000 in Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corp. These investments are expected to help the company’s develop, manufacture, and market its surgical implants and medical instruments that have application in neurosurgery, extremity reconstruction, orthopedics, and general surgery.

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