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Published Date : Sep 2020

Medical specialty bags are specially designed bag for use in various medical areas such as in the collection and storage of blood samples, urine collection, enteral feeding and sterile packaging. High prevalence of chronic kidney disease, increasing product approvals/launches, along increasing technological advanceme... View more

Published Date : Jun 2022

The treatment of irritable bowel syndrome majorly revolves around relieving the patient from the symptoms associated with the condition, as the causes behind occurrence of irritable bowel syndrome are yet unknown. Patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome show symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and con... View more

Published Date : Jul 2022

Surgical robots are primarily preferred in minimally invasive surgery procedures, which are performed through tiny or small incisions. Moreover, the use of surgical robots enables surgeons to perform delicate and complex procedures, which could be difficult or impossible through other methods. Increasing demand for m... View more

Published Date : Sep 2023

Computed tomography (CT) is imaging process that uses advanced x-ray equipment to generate detailed images of internal parts of the human body. This device is also known as computerized axial tomography or computerized tomography. Computed tomography scan is diagnostic tool which detects diseases and internal injurie... View more

Published Date : Oct 2023

Parkinson's disease is a movement disorder caused by a neurological condition. Tremor, slowness of movement, tight muscles, an unsteady walk, balance, and coordination issues are all common symptoms. Levodopa, Dopamine agonists, MAO-B inhibitors, and Anticholinergics are some of the medications used for the treatment... View more

Published Date : Sep 2022

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is also referred to as physical vapor transport (PVT) which includes a variety of vacuum deposition the process that is used to produce thin films and coatings. PVD is used in manufacturing of thin films and optics among others. Market Dynam... View more

Published Date : Nov 2019

The balloon catheter is a flexible, tubular device with a balloon at its tip that is used to create, enlarge or remove blockage of a passageway within the body, by passing it through body channels. The balloon tip can be expanded by water or air to remove the blockage or to expand partly closed passageway during surg... View more

Published Date : Jan 2023

UV Adhesives, also called UV glue, UV Sterilizers, UV Steroid Solvents or UV glue sticks, are vital components of many industries. UV adhesives are adhesives that polymerize or solidify with ultraviolet light, thus curing via radiation. These UV adhesives were originally developed for the cosmetic industry, where col... View more

Published Date : Jan 2023

Pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in a variety of industries that require sealant but cannot be used to seal tighten the spaces where high pressures are applied. These special types of adhesives react to high temperatures and pressure and form a highly secure seal that is difficult to break. As these adhesives re... View more

Published Date : Sep 2022

Paper-based packaging is a lightweight and cost-efficient packaging solution that provides proper protection to a wide range of products. Containerboard, paperboard, paper bags, and shipping sacks are type of paper-based packaging. Containerboard is produced by using cardboard, paperboard is thick and paper-based pac... View more

Published Date : Nov 2021

Nanocoatings are the next generation of protective coatings that have developed through the advancement of nanotechnology. Nanocoatings systems are made up of encapsulated nanothermoves that are encapsulated within a carrier like other materials. There is a great potential of nanocoatings in almost every area in the ... View more

Published Date : Feb 2024

The global marine lubricants market has been growing steadily over the past few decades, owing to the expansion of seaborne trade activities. Marine lubricants play a vital role in reducing friction between moving parts and surfaces on marine vessels and offshore rigs. They help prolong the lifespan of engines by pro... View more

Published Date : Feb 2022

Marine Coatings Market play a very important role in marine vessels, protecting them from surface abrasions and preventing damage due to corrosion. Marine Coatings Market do more than just provide protection, they add aesthetic value as well. Various coatings come in different colors and materials that may help make ... View more

Published Date : Jul 2018

Orthopedic splints and casts are majorly available in fiberglass and plastic materials, which are applied over the injured area after being dipped in water. Fiberglass cast and splint products provide high patient compliance i... View more

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